April 13, 2024 at 11:45 pm

She Interrupted Her Sister’s Proposal Because It Was Their Grandparents’ Anniversary. Now The Family Says She Made Things More Awkward.

by Trisha Leigh

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You would think that, by now, people would realize that making someone else’s celebration about you is a big no-no.

That said, we still get way too many stories about people proposing at other’s weddings, et al.

This young lady does not like her sister’s boyfriend (he used to be her professor).

I (26f) was invited to my grandparents’ 54th wedding anniversary along with the rest of my family.

My (28f)sister brought along her (39m) boyfriend, which wasn’t unusual as they’ve been dating for three years now.

I’ve never liked him due to their large (imo) age difference and he was her professor in college.

It’s just always been really awkward being around him, which may be my fault as I’ve been cold to him.

Our parents don’t seem to have any issues with him.

When he started to propose at their grandparents’ anniversary dinner, she couldn’t let it slide.

Anyways, at their anniversary dinner my grandpa gave a speech about my grandma, which was really sweet.

After his speech, my sister’s boyfriend stood up and started tearing up and talking about how much he loved my sister.

He then got down on one knee and proposed to her.

I thought that this was really weird as it was my grandparents’ anniversary dinner and it was supposed to be about them.

I stood up and cleared my throat at them to try and send them the message that this was not the time or place.

He ended up yelling at her and the night was tainted.

I know it probably wasn’t up to me to say something, but I’ve never liked my sister’s boyfriend and thought this was a really inappropriate setting.

My sister’s boyfriend then started yelling at me saying that I was ruining their special moment.

My sister just stood next to him with her arms crossed.

No one else said anything and we left immediately after.

I feel like I’ve ruined my grandparents’ anniversary and, on top of that, made my sister and her boyfriend mad at me.

Her grandmother says she understands, but everyone is feeling more than a little bit awkward.

Our mom and dad have yet to say anything, and I can’t stop thinking about how awkward the whole situation was.

This morning my grandma sent out an email to everyone who attended their anniversary celebration.

She said that the proposal had not been pre-approved by her and my grandfather, but that she hoped we could all move past such an awkward situation.

She also left me a voicemail saying that she understood why I did what I did, and that she agrees with me, but in the future she would like to pass judgement at her own events.

Does Reddit think she should have kept her mouth shut?

The top comment says everyone but the grandparents is wrong.

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This person wonders whether or not OP is telling us the whole story.

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But this commenter thinks OP should have kept her nose out of it.

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The public proposal is a controversial issue.

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Honestly they jury seems pretty out.

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I get not liking the boyfriend here.

That said, OP probably just made everyone’s night harder.

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