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She Let Her Disabled Sister Move In For Free, But Her Husband Had Been Secretly Charging Her Rent. Now She Wants Him To Give It Back.

by Trisha Leigh

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It’s no secret that all sorts of problems can crop up during a long-term relationship, and if you want it to last, you have to find a way to compromise.

When that issue deals with your family of origin, it can get really rocky.

OP’s disabled sister recently moved in with them, and she thinks it’s going well.

My f30 sister f23 is disabled, she can’t work because of her imobility but receives benefits (SSDI) due to her disability. She used to live with our mom who passed away 8 months ago..It’d been hard for us, I took my sister in to live with me and my husband.

Note that my husband doesn’t take any part of her care whatsoever, moreover he started complaining about my sister from time to time.

She can not get her own place and I would NEVER, and I repeat NEVER ever put her in a care home. I work and take care of her and it’s been going well for us.

Then she noticed her sister’s disability was shrinking, and found out she’d been paying her husband rent.

My husband is the one usually handles her fiancials because he’s an accountant. I recently noticed that her benefits money wasn’t enough to buy her essential stuff like medical equipment.

I didn’t much of it til I decided to do the math and found hundreds going missing without an explanation.

I talked to my sister and she kept implying that my husband had something to do with it til she finally admitted that he’d been collecting “rent money” from her and told her to keep it a secret from me. I was floored….utterly in shock.

OP laid into her husband but he fought back.

I called him and had him come home for a confrontation. He first denied it then said that it was logical because my sister is an adult living under our roof and so she’s expected to pay rent.

I screamed my head off on him telling him how messed up that was because she’s disabled!!! and this money supposed to go to her care, and more importantly he shouldn’t have ever touched her money.

I demanded he pay back all the money he took from her over the past months, he threw a fit saying it’s his house and he gets to say who stays for free and who has to pay.

I told him he had to pay it all back or police would have to get involved. He looked shocked at the mention of police and rushed out.

He tried to talk me out of making him pay but I gave him a set time and told him I’m serious.

Can Reddit solve this impasse? Let’s find out!

The top comment says no one is right here.

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This person definitely disagrees, though.

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Plenty of commenters thought the husband’s actions were appalling.

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Others aren’t quite so sure where they stand.

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But this Redditor didn’t think any of this should be up for debate.

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This guy is a piece of work.

Also, they have a major communication issue.

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