April 2, 2024 at 3:37 pm

She Sees Him Playing Video Games And Going Out Drinking, So She Refuses To Do His Laundry And Tanks His Job Interview. Who’s Right?

by Chris Allen

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels

It’s amazing how much solid communication could fix so many relationship issues.

But then where would we find our internet problems to vicariously watch from afar?

It almost seems like a right of passage in your 20s, to stumble through these issues, finding your way.

Like this story about a mid-20s couple, whose laundry situation caused a bit of a stir.

AITA for screwing up my boyfriends interview by not doing his laundry on purpose?

To keep this short my (25f) bf (26m) had a big interview on Friday that could jump start his career. He’s been planning for it for about 3 weeks.

Usually I do all the laundry and take care of our flat in terms of cleaning.

On Wednesday he told me he wanted to wear a very specific blazer and it was in the bin to be washed.

I usually do laundry on the weekends because I am a full time uni student + I work part time so during the week is hard to make time to go to the laundromat.

So here’s where the story’s red flag comes into play…

I told him I would do it Thursday night though, and he said ok.

Mind you he hasn’t been working since he just graduated school in the fall semester so since the end of December, his parents help him pay the rent until he gets a job.

Anyway Thursday rolls around and I get home from class and he’s just playing a video game and he immediately asks me when I’m going to do laundry since he’s very nervous and wants it to go perfectly.

I’m so tired from school bc I had an exam he didn’t even ask me about, so I feel irritated and say I’m going to do it later but I’m going to nap first, he again says ok and he’s going to meet up with a friend for a drink to help calm his nerves.

OP partially uses “being tired” as an excuse, but it sounds like she just didn’t want to do it.

Anyway as the title says, I ended up not doing the laundry because I was tired and also partially p****d off. He was super p****d, ended up wearing something else and saying that I screwed him up by not fulfilling what I agreed to.

I thought this might blow over since he said it still went well despite me “attempting to sabatoge him” but he is not speaking to him still and has even said he may go stay with his parents over this. Was I really that much of an AH?

OP offers a bit more explanation about what actually went down.

When I got home I did tell him I was tired and I asked if he could do it, but he started saying that I had promised. And he had plans with his friend already, so I agreed again afterwards and then I took a nap and overslept. When I woke up there was only an hour before the laundromat closed, so I could have still gone but it would’ve been really rushed. And I was probably being a bit petty.

Let’s see what folks had to say.

This one was pretty split, but almost no YTA’s do be found.

One person really couldn’t get over this bratty behavior.

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Another one leaned NTA, but with a bit of a warning.

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This person was pretty split down the middle.

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While another person pointed out that both of them were petty.

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The pettiness is strong with these two.

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