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She Had $500K In The Bank And Owned A House Without Debt, But Her Partner Destroyed It All Behind Her Back

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@girlkyle

We all dream of owning our own home and maybe being able to retire early, but what if we had all of that…then lost it all.

This kind of absolute despair is something that @girlkyle has experienced but she’s hoping others will heed her warnings and not have to suffer themselves.

She says she went from owning her own home with no mortgage to contemplating bankruptcy in three short years.

“And I’m 41 years old and I once had $500,000 in the bank, a house owned free and clear, no mortgage, nothing.”

Source: TikTok/@girlkyle

She revealed the dire situation after another TikToker, @clobaremoneycoach, stated her net worth is $300,000 at just 32-years-old.

@girlkyle explained she only had to pay for her utilities each month and she didn’t have any credit card payments.

Source: TikTok/@girlkyle

However, she still found herself in financial strife.

“And just three years later, I’m contemplating bankruptcy. Did I say too much?”

In a later clip, she explained she wound up in this financial situation after business decisions and a relationship didn’t work out.

“He took advantage of my good credit and was using cards without me knowing, trying to open cards without me knowing. He was doing a lot of things and manipulating me.”

Source: TikTok/@girlkyle

She explained that in December 2019, she and her ex partner sold their home in Virginia for $840,000.

They moved to Florida and bought a house cash down for $225,000.

The plan was to be financially free.

They put $50,000 into the house and lived in it for a year.

When her ex wanted to sell up and she reluctantly agreed.

Source: TikTok/@girlkyle

“The market was hot,” she said.

The property sold for $385,000. She said they “pocketed” $366,000.

“We’re supposed to roll that into another property. Guess what that never happened.”

“We moved into a rental, then another rental. Wait a minute, where’s all our money.”

Well, $110k of it went for a boat.

They sold the boat a year later, having made around $30k due to the charter business they’d run with it.

Source: TikTok/@girlkyle

But then, her ex was later arrested for financial crimes.

“He was arrested, on my doorstep, in front of my children. I was completely blindsided.

When she spoke to her ex on a prison phone, she said she “begged” him for logins to bank accounts and credit cards and asked “where did all our money go?”

“I still don’t have an answer. My guess is that he lost it in cryptocurrency. He got greedy, or he had a gambling issue. Or the most logical one… the IRS.”

She said $750,000 cash was gone “in the blink of an eye, poof, gone.”

She claimed her ex also “manipulated” her into using her credit cards.

Source: TikTok/@girlkyle

“I asked him to pay them off, it never happened.”

And after he was arrested, she said she discovered he’d tried to open credit cards in her name.

This resulted in her credit being “tanked.”

“I had pretty much all my cards maxed out,” she added.

Now, she feels that bankruptcy is the only way out.

“Bankruptcy is in my future because there’s literally no way I can get ahead at this point.”

This is so sad and let’s hope this lady finds a bright future with security and real love.

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It’s really amazing what trusting the wrong person can do.

Be careful who you’re picking out there, and remember to protect yourself.

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