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‘She took every cent he made and kept it for herself.’ – People Share the Craziest Breakup Stories They’ve Ever Heard

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AskReddit/Unsplash/@raddfilms

This is gonna be fun!

Because we’re about to hear from Reddit users who shared stories about crazy breakup stories that you’ll be glad didn’t happen to you!

Are y’all ready for this?!?!

Let’s dive in!


“Newly married woman (a teacher at a local school) cheated on her husband (also a teacher at the same school) with the principal.

They got caught in the act on school property.

Both their careers ruined and probably ruined the husband’s life.”


“The pretty girl in my class got married and had a kid with a decent guy. She was cheating on him with another local dude.

Married dude found out and went to confront the other guy, other guy shot at him, hit him in the back, married guy escapes but passed away on the side of a road.

Shooter claimed self defense and got off, victim’s family told wife and dude to get out of town or they would get wasted. She took the kid and left town with the guy.

Feel bad for the kid. Far as I know, the wife has never returned.”

New tattoo.

“Husband was eating breakfast when he noticed a new tattoo on his wife’s wrist.

It was the name of her new boyfriend. She also would drive down toll roads in his car without paying.

When the bills came in, she threw them away. He was on the hook for thousands of dollars when he figured it out!”


“A truck driver gets married. He and the wife buy a nice house.

He’s on the road paying for it. One day he comes home and the wife is gone and six months of bills and a foreclosure notice is on the table.

For six months she took every cent he made and kept it for herself until she eventually split with all his money.”


“My preschool best friend had a very cookie-cutter, white American family — the dad was a long haul trucker, the mom stayed at home with the kids.

Big house, beautiful backyard, took the family to Disneyland every year.

One night, the husband apparently called my mom, intoxicated and inconsolable. He confessed to her all the sins he had been committing on the road — amphetamines to stay awake, which then progressed to shooting up; sleeping with “lot lizards” (women who loiter around truck stops), etc.

He said he needed to get it off his chest and didn’t know who else to call.

A few years later, he just up and disappeared. Left for work and never came back. Changed his phone number. Nobody has heard from him since as far as I know. This was all 20+ years ago.”

This is kind of amazing.

“Heard this one from my old hair stylist.

She had a female friend who was dating this guy who had a pet pig. It was huge, like a full grown pig. The pig hated the woman and pushed her out of bed to take her place next to her boyfriend.

One day, she had enough and told him it is the pig or me. He told her that the pig was there first so he dumped her and stayed with the pig. Man that must have been a blow to her self esteem.”

DNA test.

“I had an old coworker who was almost retired and did one of those DNA kits with her husband.

He was an M&A consultant who traveled for work for at least two decades. They found out that he had fathered 3 kids that were now adults. Who knows how many more.

She divorced him after 42 years of marriage.

I remember her crying in the office very vividly.”


“Couple had been dating since middle school, stereotypical teen sweethearts everyone thought they’d get married.

One day she isn’t at school and he isn’t doing great. She’d tried to **** herself the night before and he wouldn’t say anything about it. It was odd since she had no history of depression and was an all around happy person.

She finally starts talking to people and what happened gets out. Her boyfriend had been sleeping with her mom from the beginning. The whole relationship.

Destroyed her parents marriage. Dude ended up having to go to a different school over the drama and **** he got.”


“This one couple I know would purposely break up in public and then make each other jealous by flirting with strangers before they eventually get back together.

Like they would just ego-trip on getting attention from another person before deciding they were too afraid to lose the other.

It was kind of fun to see which one of them would get more jealous of the other.

Although whenever the guy was “winning,” she would be a scary level of mad.”


“Friend was an underwater welder.

Terrible job but pays well, they won’t let you work after a certain age though (40?). Friend and partner had bought an amazing house in the Philippines near where he worked, and every dollar was now going into his retirement savings because the career was so time limited.

Work was a couple weeks out at sea, then a couple weeks back and so on. One day he gets home from a shift, discovers his partner has sold the house and put all the proceeds as well as all the contents of their (his!) savings into HER parents name and then bugged out.

Yes she had been cheating on him. My friend tried, but couldn’t get any substantial money back, due to everything having been in both their names, and nothing obvious in the ex partner’s accounts anyway. The in-laws were somehow untouchable.

So he was close to retiring and living the sweet life in comfort in a glorious home he owned outright… To being nearly washed out of his career and also totally penniless.

He moved back to Canada and lived in a crowded shared house with a bunch of 20 somethings and started from scratch as a construction worker at 40.”

Long distance.

“Dude was 22, girl was 19. Guy lived in Seattle, girl lived in Mississippi.

They met online and fell in love. Guy would fly down every month or two to take her out and spend time with her and her family. He would bring her family gifts every visit.

Her family is absolutely adored Guy, hoping he’d marry their daughter. One of the cutest and most perfect couples ever. Just a romance out of a Disney movie.

Almost two years later, Guy decides it’s time. Packs his bags and drives across the country to move closer to her. They were both super excited. She was his whole world and his future.

Less that a week after moving, girl cheated on and left Guy for someone with a perm and Harry Potter glasses. Guy drowned himself in booze and ended up taking his own life a few months later.

He was my best friend. He didn’t deserve that. Just a wild situation to break up in.”


“My dad told me this heartbreaking story, back in the early ’70s women in my country were not allowed to have or manage their own bank accounts. This lady, a stay-at-home mother of five, would often come to the bank where my dad worked.

She came from a pretty wealthy family, so she had savings, but as she married her entire wealth passed to her husband. She comes that day and asks for some cash, as she would usually do. My dad checks, double-checks, triple-checks : the bank account is empty.

He goes to his colleagues, and one of them tells that that poor woman’s husband had come earlier in the day and emptied the account. The lady turns white as paper – my dad thought she was going to faint – and storms out of the bank.

She came back a few days later absolutely devastated : hubby had abandoned them. Her and the FIVE children. Not only was he gone, but fully disappeared, like she could not trace him (after a few years, I think she discovered he had gone to South America), and she and the kids were left to starve.

My dad tried everything in his small bank executant power to help her get her money back, but hubby had every right to do what he did. That poor lady turned from being one of the wealthiest clients to the brink of homelessness in a day, she had to return to her parents with the five kids, suffer the guilt and the shame and so on…

Thankfully for her, she found love again a few years later and got in a better situation, but as my dad said : I never understood how a man could be so cruel.”

Be safe with your heart, because you’re gonna need it later.

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