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Sister Always Takes His Dessert But Never Wants To Order Her Own, So He Finishes His Cake In One Bite Just To Spite Her

by Ryan McCarthy

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It’s always the people who didn’t want any dessert, or “weren’t hungry”, who are the first to ask for a bite of your food.

Like, I don’t mind giving you a bite of my fried calamari, but if you’re gonna take half of it you should’ve just ordered some for yourself!

That being said, I will be asking for a bite of your food if it looks scrumptious, those are just the rules.

But when this user’s sister tried taking a bite of his food one too many times, he ate his entire dessert at her graduation dinner in one bite just to spite her!

Check it out!

Sister always steals my food, I make a fool of myself on her graduation to stop her.

I come from a family of 6: my parents, my older sister, my older brother, my little brother, and me.

Often, in order to bribe us into good behavior, our parents would buy us our favorite candy to munch on in the car.

Now, I’ve never exactly been a giving person, not huge on sharing just for the sake of sharing.

My parents, however, were trying to raise respectful and generous kids, and often forced me to share things even when I didn’t want to.

But OP’s sister found a way to game the sharing system.

That’s all fine and good, except that my sister abused this system.

See, she would say she didn’t want a bag of candy, then once we were on the road she’d start taking candy from all three of the brothers. That really pissed me off.

I didn’t get candy often, as my mom didn’t like feeding us sugary food, so when I got my own bag of Sour Patch Watermelon I wanted to eat every last one myself.

Besides, my parents would always offer to buy her a bag of candy for herself, she would just refuse because she knew she could leech off the rest of us.

And OP’s parents only enabled his sister’s infuriating behavior.

So after a point I started refusing her requests for candy. But that didn’t fly with my mom, because that was being selfish, so she would force me to hand over the candy.

One time I even said when I purchased my bag at CVS, “sister, I’m not going to give you any of my candy. If you want sour patch, buy your own right now.”

“I’m fine,” she responded, “I don’t want a whole bag of candy.”

Fast forward 20 minutes into the car ride, my father was requisitioning a candy to give to my sister, as I sat fuming.

This went on for years. My whole life, really. I would hide my candy when I got it, I would try and keep it out of her reach, but always a parent would intervene.

But after a lifetime of having to share, OP put his foot down at his sister’s graduation dinner.

Fast forward to my sister’s college graduation.

She is now 22, I am a senior in high school at this point, and we’re up at her school at a fancy restaurant celebrating after she had graduated that morning.

In attendance are all immediate and some extended family, some close friends of my sister, and her long term boyfriend who I was meeting for the first time.

So, enough people for the following to be embarrassing to my family.

But when it came time for dessert, his sister insisted she wasn’t hungry.

Our meal ends and my mother offers to buy a nice dessert for anyone who wants it. My brothers, my dad and I all take her up on it.

I ordered a vanilla bean cheesecake with a burnt sugar birds nest on top.

My mother repeatedly offers to buy my sister anything she wants, but my sister says she couldn’t possibly eat a full dessert right now, and turns it down every time.

And OP’s desert was literally mouth-watering.

The food arrives, and everyone is staring at mine. I’m sitting right at the head of the table in full view of everyone, so it’s hard not to look.

Aside from the cake slice being large and delicious looking, the burnt sugar bird’s nest is huge and ornate, hollow on the inside like an old timey brass globe.

Honestly, it was pretty impressive. And right as the food gets placed in front of us, my sister says, “I’ll just have a bite of everyone’s.”

And while OP said it would have been the nice thing to do to give her a bite, he wasn’t having it.

At this point, I’m seeing red, having flashbacks to all the times my food has been stolen.

Logically, the right thing to do would’ve been to just hand over one bite. I mean, it was her graduation, it was a huge cake, it would’ve been no loss.

But it had become a matter of principle.
So, the moment she says this, in one fell swoop, in full view of everyone at the table, I sweep up my slice of cheesecake and stuff the entire thing into my mouth at once.

I shattered the sugar nest  in front of my whole family and some college students close to my sister who, again, never met in my life.

Meanwhile his sister was absolutely gobsmacked.

My sister stares, appalled, and says, “Did you do that just so I wouldn’t get any?!?”

And I look at her, cheeks ballooning out like a chipmunk, face covered in cheesecake and graham, dead in the eyes and nod.

There was a fair bit of shocked silence, at that moment and in the very tense car ride home. But to this day she never asks for anything from me anymore.

I mean, OP definitely could have made an exception for her graduation, but honestly being offered desert and still taking mine every time really would get on my nerves!

Reddit loved this petty act of defiance, with this user saying he had to stop his sister from doing the same thing.

Source: Reddit/AITA

This user had a different experience, saying forced sharing actually made her and her sister closer!

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And this parent said she’s trying to avoid OP’s situation by always making sharing a two way street.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Finally, this user asserted that its not that OP didn’t want to share, its that his sister never faced any consequences for her behavior.

Source: Reddit/AITA

I guess sharing isn’t always caring!

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