April 3, 2024 at 2:33 pm

Taco Bell Worker Talks About The Price Changes The Company Has Made Recently, And Also Why There Are Still Some Good Deals

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@caleb_lennon

A lot of folks who work in fast food restaurants would likely agree the cost is exorbitant lately. And customers are routinely complaining that menu some items are just getting too pricey.

But we aren’t expecting the companies to come out and admit this.

However, this honest Taco Bell worker is spilling the beans… refried or otherwise. But he’s also going to give some tips about some affordable options.

Source: TikTok/@caleb_lennon

And TikToker @caleb_lennon told his followers that some options “are way overpriced, and some items are good deals.”

The food service worker made a Burrito Supreme on camera while telling people about the good deals and the ones that just aren’t worth the money anymore.

He said: “Most people just say it’s gotten outrageously expensive, and I can’t say you’re completely wrong ’cause there are a bunch of our items that I feel like just cost too much.”

Source: TikTok/@caleb_lennon

The TikToker told how he believed the Chicken and Steak Quesadillas, the Power Bowls, the Crunchwraps, and the Chalupas, were too expensive.

But he felt there’s still value to be had, adding: “One thing that Taco Bell does have going for it is that, compared to a lot of other fast-food places, we do have a bunch of items that are under $3 and $2.”

Source: TikTok/@caleb_lennon

So what are those deals? Taco Bell recently launched a “Craving Value” menu, and you can get a double stacked taco for just $1.99, and the chicken flatbread melt for $2.29.

Not too shabby!

Watch the full clip here:


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These comments gonna make ya hungry!

Source: TikTok/@caleb_lennon

Lot of folk not happy with the prices.

Source: TikTok/@caleb_lennon

Some tips on saving at Taco Bell!

Source: TikTok/@caleb_lennon

The public needs a list of all the best value meals everywhere!

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