April 10, 2024 at 11:38 pm

Their Neighbor Wouldn’t Stop Reading Their Mail, So They Signed Them Up To Be Bombarded By A Religious Organization’s Mail

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels

Don’t tamper with the mail, friends!

That’s a felony offense, after all…

But apparently, this lady didn’t get the memo, so all this person could do was get revenge on her.

Take a look at what happened.

A lady steals from me. Joke’s on her.

“She has been poking around for years.

She lives across the street. She takes my mail, fruit from my trees, things from my yard. I’ve caught her multiple times, but she seems to think she has every right.

They usually have better things to worry about.

Never enough for me to take legal actions. TBH, I’m busy as hell these days.

One day she was by my mailbox with her dog in her pajamas, reading a letter from my bank regarding my small car loan. Just standing there, reading glasses on, cigarette in hand, reading it.

What the hell?!?!

I confronted her and said opening people’s mail is a crime!

“Not like you have the money to fight it, hahahaha”

I thought fine. You wanna read someone’s mail? I’ll give you enough of your own to read.

There’s a religious organization near by. Not sure if they’re a cult or a legit organized religion. They leave notes and knock on doors, that type of thing. I’m always kind enough to them, so I get their propaganda in the mailbox every now and again.

I used a VPN to go to their website. They had some type of questioner/application thing. I used a fake email address, fake name….. But her address. It also wanted a phone number.

As luck would have it…

Her dog comes and ***** on my lawn every evening. One night, I saw him out there, gave him an unsuspecting pat, and took a photo of the tag on his collar.

Scurried back home, and redid the application with her address and phone number.

Take that!

I see them come by 4 times a week to her house now. Random times. Sometimes 7 am, sometimes 8 pm, most weekends. Knocking, leaving massive packs of papers and **** in her mailbox, on her porch.

I just know they’re most likely calling her constantly too.

There you go, nosey neighbor. Lots of important scripture to read and keep you busy. Enjoy.”

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Don’t mess with other people’s mail…

Or you’ll get what’s coming to you!

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