April 10, 2024 at 9:33 pm

Their Neighbor’s Flood Lights Never Turned Off At Night, So They Came Up With A Solution To Make Sure They Didn’t Work Anymore

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/@upshot

Ugh…this doesn’t sound like fun.

If there’s anything that can interrupt a peaceful night of sleep, it’s BRIGHT LIGHTS.

So what’s a person supposed to do in this situation?

Maybe the same thing this person did!

Take a look!

Neighbor won’t turn his flood lights off.

“Some years ago we had some new neighbors move in next door. Nice enough people but we had a problem with them.

There was an issue…

The husband traveled a lot and his wife was afraid of just about everything, the dark, thunderstorms, you name it. The problem was the flood lights over their garage doors.

She would leave them on all night, every night, even though you couldn’t see them from inside of their house.

They were positioned such that they would shine into our bedroom at night. We were not able to block them effectively with our curtains.

We asked them politely several times if they could turn them off at night since they served no effective purpose.

They adamantly refused. I offered to pay for a timer that would control them.

They came up with a solution.

No way they would consider it. I thought about taking the bulbs out, shooting them out with my pellet gun, etc.

The solution that I arrived at was to simply loosen them up enough that they wouldn’t come on.

Since they couldn’t see them from inside the house it was about 5-6 months before they realized that they were not working.

They screwed them back in. I waited a couple of weeks and unscrewed them again.

Another few months went by.

Finally, one day, my neighbor asked me if I ever had any trouble with my outdoor lights.

This is pretty hilarious.

I told him yes, as a matter of fact I did. I said that they would loosen up occasionally and I would have to retighten them.

I blamed it on vibration from the traffic on our street. He said that he had the same problem.

I told him that I finally just gave up and left them off. He eventually did the same.

We were happy with the final outcome and we were able to keep peace in the neighborhood.”

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That’s one way to do it!

Nice work!

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