April 12, 2024 at 10:31 pm

Landlord Had Her Car Towed Because They Claimed She Entered Her Details Wrong In Their New App. – ‘My VIN number is on there!’

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@shayysday

If you’re paying sky high prices for rent, you probably expect to be treated with respect, right?

But what if you’re just a number and that number don’t count?

That’s how one tenant felt when she went through the most incredible ordeal after renewing her lease.

Like, why is it actually so hard to get a good landlord these days?

Source: TikTok/@shayysday

@shayysday told her followers on TikTok, “Bro, this apartment complex has me all the way f****d up.”

She explained how she’d lived at the apartment building for over a year and recently renewed her lease.

She knew the company who owns the complex had decided to rearrange how things worked, requiring tenants to enter their car’s details into an app.

How futuristic!

But did it streamline anything?


Source: TikTok/@shayysday

Our girl was not happy when she walked out to get into her car one day.

“I walk out there, and my car is f*****g gone.”

She rang the towing company, who replied that her details weren’t in that app, so they towed the car!

“I definitely had my car in on the app. My VIN number is on there!”

Source: TikTok/@shayysday

The company told her she was only meant to input her license plate.

She, understandably angry, argued.

“Even if it is my license plate or my VIN number, it’s still my f*****g car.”

Let’s hope this girl gets her car back and never has to go through this again!

Watch the full clip here:


IM LITERALLY GOING INSANE like I totally understand I may have put it in wrong but its still registered to the same car. 😭😭😭 #horrorstory #lawyer #apartment #whymetho #storytime #pissed #amiwrong

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This girl’s getting all the support in the comments!

Source: TikTok/@shayysday

They agree it is kind of confusing.

Source: TikTok/@shayysday

It does sound kinda mad!

Source: TikTok/@shayysday

I can’t imagine she was the only one to make a mistake.

Maybe they should try contacting tenants before they tow their cars away!

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