April 6, 2024 at 10:41 pm

Traveler Talked About the Awful Experience She Had With United Airlines. – ‘They have not acknowledged that I am stuck in a wheelchair.’

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@jac.rose8

United Airlines…you’ve been put on blast.

A woman named Jacqueline who has a disability posted a video on TikTok to tell viewers about why she’ll never fly United again.

Jacqueline explained that she has cerebral palsy and needs to wheelchair to get around. She said that she discovered her wheelchair was broken by United on her first flight and that the airline’s employees didn’t fix the chair or even apologize.

Source: TikTok/@jac.rose8

Jacqueline said that on her return flight, she was told that United couldn’t guarantee that they would have someone available to push her in a wheelchair.

She said that asked United employees at her departure gate for help, but she was ignored.

Source: TikTok/@jac.rose8

Jacqueline said, “So they have not acknowledged that I am stuck in a wheelchair, can’t move forward, and should have already boarded. And they’re just boarding around me.”

She added that she waited in the boarding area until other passengers took it upon themselves to help her board the airplane.

Source: TikTok/@jac.rose8

Here’s what she had to say.


#stitch with @LinMarieTooLit Don’t fly with @United Airlines they treat their disabled passengers like garbage! I’m sorry they did that to you and your dog! #unitedairlinestiktok #disabilitytiktok #flydelta

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And this is how people reacted to the video.

One person isn’t a fan of United, either.

Source: TikTok/@jac.rose8

This viewer shared their thoughts.

Source: TikTok/@jac.rose8

Another TikTokker gets upset by things like this.

Source: TikTok/@jac.rose8

Yeah… things aren’t going well for United lately…

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