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Triplets Want Separate Sweet 16 Birthday Parties But They Would Cost $4,000, So She Told Them The Budget Was $1,200 And To Figure It Out

by Matthew Gilligan

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This is a wild one, folks!

It’s a story from Reddit’s “Am I the *******?” page and it concerns a single with TRIPLETS who is going through a dilemma with her three daughters.

Is she doing anything wrong?

Check out her story and see what you think.

AITA for forcing my daughters to share a birthday party?

“I’m a single mom to triplets 15 f.

Usually for our birthdays I give them 150 dollars each to take their friends for dinner and they go to different restaurants.

The girls want to do it up big this year.

For their sweet 16 they want a big party with a dj a venue and lots of invites.

A venue would be around 500 dollars and with all the additional things like decorations dj invites food it would be around 1200-1400 dollars and that’s the cheapest we can do.

I can afford that once but they want three individual parties which would be over 4000 dollars.

She had to be truthful with them.

I can’t really afford 4000 dollars for birthday parties so I told them no.

I could throw three smaller parties but it would be a huge hassle deciding who gets to have the party on their actual birthday as I can’t plan 3 parties in one day and they have a lot of common family/friends.

I was willing to do it anyway but a smaller party means no venue no dj cheaper food and drinks and my daughters aren’t okay with that I’ve tried explaining to them I can’t afford it but they just told me to get an extra job.

Now there’s tension…

One of them is mad they can’t have their own sweet 16s. I told them the budget was 1200 and they could figure out how to spend it.

Should I get an extra job?


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Good luck girls!

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