April 1, 2024 at 6:32 am

What’s It Really LIke Working At Chipotle? One Employee Documented A Day In The Life. – ‘We wash the lettuce twice!’

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@j.a.r.i__

If you’ve ever thought that Chipotle employees have it easy, then you’re about to have your mind changed by this viral TikTok video.

A Chipotle manager named Jari shared a video on TikTok and gave viewers an insider’s look of what she does every day on the job.

Jari told viewers, “As you guys can see, I’m just cutting up the lettuce, and it’s, like, around 7:17am, and I’m here alone prepping by myself. Mind you, there’s supposed to be three people prepping.”

Source: TikTok/@j.a.r.i__

She continued, “After every product, you have to take the dishes back to the dishwasher, spray them off, and run them through. And make sure you wipe down and sanitize your area.”

Jari then got down to business with the onions and peppers.

Source: TikTok/@j.a.r.i__

She continued to prep other items and then helped a co-worker get the guacamole ready.

Looks like they stay busy there!

Source: TikTok/@j.a.r.i__

Check out her video.


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Here’s what people had to say.

One viewer had a question…

Source: TikTok/@j.a.r.i__

This individual had their mind changed.

Source: TikTok/@j.a.r.i__

And this person could relate to the video.

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Be nice to those service workers!

They’re working hard!

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