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When A Potential Employer Wasted An Hour Of His Time, He Just Couldn’t Let It Go

by Trisha Leigh

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No one likes looking for a job – I feel 100% confident in this claim.

That said, it’s just a fact of life for most adults and we have to get through it. We hope that the people on the other side of our searches will at least respect our time.

OP was casually looking to see if there was something better out there.

While I do have a job already, I thought it would be worthwhile to see what else is out there. A week ago, I found a job posting on indeed.

It sounded like a good gig, paid good and is work that I like doing. The only downfall is that it’s a 35 min drive out of town.

I had a good conversation with the business owner (via indeed inbox) and he seemed like a good guy.

He found something interesting and set up an interview.

I explained that I work every day from 7am-3:10pm and he understood that there is a bit of a commute to his shop.

He asked me if I could meet up with him at 3:30. I told him that it isn’t possible as I was done at 3:10 and can’t do a 35 min drive in under 20 mins.

I explained that I would be leaving town at 3:10 to come and see him, and that I would see him when I get there (somewhere around 3:40-ish) so I gave him with my phone number just in case something was to change, and we left on a good note.

When he arrived, the man passed a rude message along through an employee.

I drove rather fast, getting there at 3:37, happy that I got there in under 35 mins.

I show up. Business closed. I figured he was somewhere nearby, so I get out of my vehicle to search.

I look over to my left to see 2 teenagers moving some materials. I approach them and ask them where their boss was while explaining that I had a meeting with him now.

One of them then informs me that he just left a few mins ago, but could call him back to come meet me.

He calls his boss, saying who I am, etc. The teenager chuckles, says “ok” with a “you gotta be effing kidding me” look on his face and then hangs up.

Teenager to me: “He says to go home”.

I asked him to repeat himself. “He said go home”, this time laughing uncomfortably.

So, OP left him a present on his way out.

I now have another 35 min drive ahead of me and I am very irritated.

I decided to leave as his boss instructed…. but instead of driving the gravel driveway back onto the highway (the way I came in from) I decided to leave him a present to remember me by: some donut tire skid marks on his front lawn as I tore out of there.

30 mins after that, he felt the need to reach out to me and introduce himself via PRIVATE NUMBER, but I let it go to voicemail (as I was driving), which upon listening to later on.

It further proved to me that all his negative google reviews were more than likely ALL true, and that this person isn’t someone to do business with anyways.

Reddit, do you worst!

The top comment says neither person here is too bright.

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But this person sees OP’s point of view.

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And this commenter agrees OP was right to not let it slide.

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That said, it could affect his job hunt.

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Apparently OP’s experience isn’t totally unique.

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This would have made me so mad, too.

Good for him for not taking it lying down.

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