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Woman Gets Embarrassed In Front Of A Friend When He Makes It Clear He Wasn’t Flirting With Her

by Addison Sartino

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge, Pexels

Flirting with women can be difficult and embarrassing at times.

But there’s not much worse than getting rejected when you aren’t even attempting to flirt.

This man took to Reddit to share his story.

This was back in 08 or 09. I was in Quito, Ecuador.

I was staying at a hostel and was there for just over 3 weeks, less than a block away there was an Irish pub.

This pub has really good bar food that wasn’t on the menu of a lot of other restaurants in the area so because of that it was a mixed crowd. Popular with locals and backpackers because the proximity to the hostel.

While waiting for his friends to arrive, he asked a woman for the empty seat next to her.

I’m at the bar with some other guests from the hostel and we are expecting a few more to join us. Next to me is a bar stool and on the other side of the barstool are two women talking, they’re obviously friends.

In Spanish I ask the woman closest to me if she is using this empty chair and is it ok if I grab it.

The man is fluent in Spanish despite it not being his native language.

Spanish is not my first language but I can still speak it clearly and confidently and grew up speaking it since I was a kid.

She says to me in Spanish with a smirk on her face that she does not understand me and she does not speak english.

He gets the chair for himself after her rude response.

I ask for the chair again in Spanish while motioning to it and she says again that she doesn’t speak English.

I ended up getting the chair from a high top table that was behind us that no one was using.

The man overhears the woman laughing to her friend about him.

At this point she turns to her friend and I hear them mumble “I don’t know why he’s talking to me heheheehe” and I hear them chuckling to themselves assuming I was hitting on her I guess and she rejected me?

Cue petty revenge.

He indirectly makes it known that he speaks Spanish.

Throughout the evening I know she heard me conversing in Spanish with the bartender so by this time she knew I definitely spoke Spanish.

The napkin dispenser is directly in front of me and she asks me in Spanish if I can hand it to her, I look at her confused and I point to the napkin dispenser, then look back at her and lean in a little as if I didn’t hear what she said.

The man plays the woman’s game and beats her.

She again says that she needs napkins and if I can hand her the napkin dispenser (all in Spanish).

I look at the dispenser and then her and very clearly I say “lo siento, no hablo inglés” (I’m sorry I don’t speak English).

She gives me shocked pikachu face and she turned bright red and then I give her the cold shoulder.

Don’t flatter yourself lady. I wasn’t hitting on you. I just wanted the dang bar stool.

Reddit users shared similar stories and feelings with the writer.

One person said he finds it annoying when women reject him when he isn’t even thinking that way.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

Another reader called it fun to show locals they’re not just some “dumb tourist.”

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

This person said that in her experience, Latinas can be brutal when they think no one around them can understand them.

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge

Buen trabajo, mi amigo!

Good job, my friend.

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