April 21, 2024 at 2:41 am

Woman’s Mother Won’t Stop Interfering With Her Baby, So She Told Her She’s Not Allowed To Watch Him Anymore

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels

Well, this lady sounds like a handful

And, to be honest, that has to be a pretty hard thing to admit about your own mother.

But this woman was forced to confront the truth and now she wants to know if she took things too far.

Check out her story and see if you think she’s acting like an *******.

AITA for tell my mom I don’t want her to watch her grandson alone anymore?

“I (F23) and my husband (M24) welcomed our baby(M) in September of last year.

We moved from his hometown to mine (in January) in hopes of saving up to buy a house. We moved in with my mom (50); something she very enthusiastically agreed to.

Things haven’t exactly been great.

Throughout our few months, she’s been a little weird. She’s constantly checking to see if he has teeth, pushing for us to stop feeding him milk, tries to give him really complicated food (like candy yams).

Her defense is: I did with you and you survived.

Most recently, she was holding him and playfully asked him if he wanted water, in which I responded: ‘Do not give him water mom.” She proceeds to give it him and goes: “See, he’s fine. He isn’t ****.”

She finally had enough of her mom’s shenanigans.

I immediately took my child from her and informed her that she will no longer be watching the baby alone since she is constantly overstepping my boundaries and doing everything I ask her to not do.

She isn’t talking to me now and told me I made her feel like a bad parent and grandparent.

AITA? Is there something I should be doing to make her talk to me?”

Here’s what people had to say on Reddit.

This person explained why she’s NTA.

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Another reader said her mom isn’t up to snuff.

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This person said this is a case of survivor bias.

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This individual said she’s NTA and she makes the rules.

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And one individual didn’t hold back.

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That was harsh…

But it sounds like she had to do it.

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