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A Neighbor Wouldn’t Give Them Their Cat Back, So They Called the Police And Someone Ended Up Getting Arrested

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels

I’m all for people going totally nuclear and doing whatever they have to do to get a pet back from someone.

Because pets are our family members!

So you know where I stand on this one…

But now it’s up to you to read this story from Reddit to see if the person who wrote it took things too far.

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AITA for getting my neighbor’s partner arrested?

“About a week ago, my cat got out and went missing for a few days.

I was heartbroken; I put his litter box outside, hung flyers everywhere, and literally cried non-stop. It was bad.

Then I noticed someone was taking down my flyers. This made me really upset, so I started knocking on people’s doors.

They got a big surprise.

One neighbor told me that she overhead her neighbor’s kid excitedly thanking his mom for a new cat, and when I walked up their driveway, what do you know MY cat was sitting in their windowsill.

He immediately starting pawing at the glass when he saw me, and it broke my heart.

I knocked on the front door and explained to the lady that answered that this was MY cat, he’s chipped and everything, so I have proof he’s mine. She literally laughed in my face and slammed the door.

I knocked again, and this time a huge dude answered and told me “this is my son’s cat, now go away” and slammed the door in my face.

What a jerk!

I went home and bawled like a baby. I called my dad (he’s the county sheriff) to tell him what happened and to ask what I should do. He told me to stay home, and that he would send over a deputy to take care of it.

Well, apparently the deputy let it slip that I was the county sheriff’s daughter, and now the catnapper lady is telling everyone in the neighborhood I’m a spoiled brat who went crying to her daddy.

But the thing is, I would have called the cops regardless. The only reason I called my dad first is because I was bawling and didn’t want to sob on the phone to a stranger if I could avoid it, plus I wanted his advice on how to get my cat back.

There was a big development.

Apparently the kid’s dad went to jail because the deputy ran his plates and saw he had a warrant, so this woman is also telling everyone I got her partner arrested, too.

But how was I supposed to know the guy had a freaking warrant?? I just wanted my cat back.


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I would’ve done the same thing!

No doubt about it!

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