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A New Boss Changed All the Rules at the Restaurant Where They Worked So They Made Sure to Give Her a Taste of Her Own Medicine Before They Quit

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

It’s always a bummer when a new manager comes in, changes everything at a place…and it’s for the worse.


But we’ve all been there at one point or another…

Check out how this person handled it!

This former cook served his revenge cold.

“Years ago, I worked as a cook for a “greasy spoon” style restaurant just off the interstate (I-95) that was connected to a hotel.

The boss that hired me was great, got his paperwork done during the slow part of the day in 15 minutes and worked side by side with us.

There was a big change…

The company fired this manager and replaced him with an awful manager who didn’t drive, lived 15 miles away and had to take two city buses to get to work, so she was never on time.

She was also a raving alcoholic and it seemed to take her hours to do the same paperwork our old boss could do in 15 minutes. She abused everyone in the resteraunt and power tripped constantly.

So one day, I check my schedule and I see I’m scheduled for 11 — 7. As far as I knew, we weren’t a 24 hour resteraunt, so I show up at 11 am for my shift and the manager asked why I was there, I told her she scheduled me from 11 to 7.


Her reply was my shift was 11 pm to 7 am because she was making our restaurant a 24 hour restaurant (due to the hotel being attached to the restaurant).

I worked the shift but looked for a different job as well. In the interim, the manager took 3 hours off my paycheck because she found out that I dozed for 15 minutes on the clock.

Remember, she doesn’t drive and busses don’t run overnight where I am so she had no way to determine how long I dozed off for – and the doors were unlocked too!

I corrected the time card and she changed it back with a note saying “I am your manager!!!”.

Time for a change of scenery…

I finally found a better job and said nothing to anyone at work, however on my last night, a Friday night, I refused to work. My boss tried to work my shift but couldn’t stay awake to do it, and wound up calling in a few first shift workers early.

She tried to give me grief about it when I stopped in to get my last check, but I just smiled and walked away. That restaurant ended up closing down too!

I’d like to think her poor management had something to do with that.”

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