May 27, 2024 at 6:51 pm

Woman Had A Lot of Rude Things To Say About Her Postpartum Body, But She Humbled Her With The Perfect Response

by Ashley Ashbee

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We all hate unsolicited rude opinions from strangers, but usually they are brief.

It still hurts, though, when they hit a sore spot.

In this story, the stranger was relentless, but this woman had the perfect response.

Woman rudely tells me to get plastic surgery, I tell her…

My son was large at birth. I had a lot of stretch marks.

After he was born, I had health problems and it took years of hard work for me to lose the weight and get rip-roaringly fit again.

I left my cheating ex and started dating my now husband when my son was five.

New bf took me to Miami for a short vacation and after working hard for my six pack, I decided that despite my insecurities, to finally wear a bikini.

Then what was supposed to be a lovely holiday turned sour.

In the ladies room a woman said “You know, they have plastic surgery for ALLLL THAT now, you know?” While gesturing to my lower stomach/abdomen area.

She added that I “shouldn’t go out in public like that because not everyone wants to see that. Ewww…”

After I recovered from shock, I forced myself to burst into hysterical tears.

She looked stunned and said, “I’m sorry you didn’t know you look that bad.”

Fortunately, OP knew how to put the woman in her place.

And I replied, “It’s not that, I have seven children and my baby, who gave me these stretch marks just died three months ago!”

And I continued to sob.

Her face was twisted in horror and her two friends who had been standing by trying to ignore her told her she was a complete *****, comforted me, and they left the area entirely.

I hope she learned her lesson.

Let’s see what people in the comments had to say.

A lot of people suggested she fight dirty. I wouldn’t.

Source: Reddit/Traumatize Them Back

Made me laugh. That’s fair!

Source: Reddit/Traumatize Them Back

I’ve been known to tell a telemarketer my mom is dead when they ask for her.

Source: Reddit/Traumatize Them Back

Classy comeback. I like it.

Source: Reddit/Traumatize Them Back

In my experience, people never own up to this stuff.

Source: Reddit/Traumatize Them Back

Keep your opinions to yourself.

Seriously, no one wants to hear them. NO ONE.

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