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Woman Was Rude To Them About Using A Disabled Toilet, So They Showed Them Proof That They Were Actually Disabled

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

Why can’t people just mind their own business?

It’s infuriating!

And the person who wrote this story got pretty fired up after a woman just couldn’t help bothering her.

Did she act like a jerk?

Get the whole story below and see what you think!

AITA for being rude to a woman who yelled at me for using the disabled toilet?

“I have an Ileostomy. This means that I have had my colon removed and I have a stoma. This is on my stomach and it’s where my poop comes out from into an attached bag.

You usually can’t see it and it doesn’t look as though I have any kind of disability (although it is legally classed as a disability).

This is a whole process…

To empty it I need to kneel by the toilet and I rinse it out with water. I fill a travel bottle up in the toilet and use this to rinse out the bag. Not rinsing is gross!

Because of needing to kneel and have water on hand, I need to use the disabled toilets whenever I can. I have a radar key to get me into them – it was given to me after I had my surgery.

Using a non-disabled toilet is very difficult. Hard to kneel, very little privacy and no sink on hand.

Today I was at M&S and had to empty my bag so used the disabled toilet as usual.

(FYI – almost all disabled toilets have signs on them that say ‘Not all disabilities are visible’!).

Someone couldn’t mind their own business…

When I tried to come out of the toilet my way was blocked by a woman who started to berate me for using the disabled toilet.

Apparently she saw me go in and had been waiting for me to come out. She was stopping me from leaving and threatening to call the staff.

I tried to tell her that I need to use that toilet and showed her my special radar key.

She just kept getting angrier and angrier and louder and louder. We had a crowd by this time!

You asked for it!

In desperation, I finally pulled up my shirt and slid my trousers down a bit and showed her my Ileostomy bag.

I pointed out the sign on the door that said not all disabilities are visible.

I told her she was ignorant needed to learn to mind her own business. I then told her to eff off and get out of my way.

AITA for being so rude? I know I should have been nicer but she would not stop blocking me in the toilet.”

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Sounds like people think that lady was out of line.

I agree.

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