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Mom Prevented Her Son From Having Sugary Foods, And Now She’s Furious That One Of Her Friend’s Kids Shared A Piece Of Their Cake

by Ryan McCarthy

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I always felt particularly bad for the kids whose parents didn’t let them have any sugar.

While everyone else in the cafeteria was snacking on cookies and candy bars, they were taking bites of a pack of dried fruit, or a piece of celery.

And rest assured, these kids were absolute demons when someone offered them any type of junk food.

This user unfortunately knew that all too well, because after a lifetime of restricting her son’s sugar intake, she was furious with one of his friends for giving him a slice of cake!

Was she in the wrong to be mad? See for yourself!

AITA for getting upset with my best friend’s son for giving my son cake?

My son is 8 years old and recently attended his friend’s 8th birthday party. This friend is my best friend’s son.

I don’t let my son have any/much junk food at all and usually he brings his own snacks (for this incident it was carrot sticks and ranch) to events that have a lot of sugary foods.

My best friend bakes a lot, and made a special chocolate cake for her son’s birthday.

But she specifically told her friend that her son was not to have any of the cake she made…

When it comes to my son, I don’t let him have cake.

This is personal preference for his health, not for any allergy reasons, and he is not diabetic or gluten free.

My son knows he isn’t allowed to have cake because of the additives.

When he told his best friend this at the party, his friend apparently got upset and told him it was “good cake”, not bad like I say, because his mom made it, and it was his birthday cake.

But obviously she cared a lot more about the additives than her son, because he was more than happy to have a slice!

My son ate cake, got a sugar rush, and crashed, making him cranky for the rest of the day after we left the party.

I told my friend she needs to have some kind of consequences for her son to teach him not to peer pressure other children into eating things they’re not allowed to have.

She said because it wasn’t an issue of allergies or health, that she’s sorry my son was cranky but she won’t be punishing her son or talking to him about it on his birthday.

But her friend acquiesced to her request and said she’d watch her son more closely, despite the fact she herself was at the party.

She says also that she’ll just that she’ll watch more closely/make sure her husband does in the future, as well as have a chat with him on another day about respecting food habits.

I love my friend, but historically, her and her husband have always said ‘yes’ to their son and not given him any consequences for anything.

Both of us were present at the party and did not see them sharing the cake so it’s not an issue of anyone going behind anyone’s back, just teaching children boundaries and respect.

I let my son stay for the rest of the party and be with his friend, so it’s not like I ruined the day.

AITA for being upset she won’t punish her son for pressuring mine into eating cake?

Doesn’t sound like there was much pressuring going on, the poor kid probably just was sick of eating carrot sticks while other kids got to eat a homemade chocolate cake!

Reddit was quick to let her know that it wasn’t the sugar that made her son irritable, but her bad attitude!

This user said while it was completely reasonable to want your kids to eat right, the more strictly you try to enforce your rules, the more they will try and resist.

Source: Reddit/AITA

And this person said the first thing her son would do if given the chance would be to eat as much sugar as possible!

Source: Reddit/AITA

Finally, this user said kids show affection by sharing snacks, and she was denying him the chance to bond with his friends.

Source: Reddit/AITA

I’m not one to tell people how to parent.

That said, there is loads of professional advice out there that would say these parents are making really bad decisions.

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