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Bride’s Stuck-Up Girlfriend Fakes Plans To Get Out Of The “Lame” Bachelorette Party, So They Don’t Tell Her When Plans Change For The Better

by Ryan McCarthy

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One of the most nerve-wracking moments in any relationship is introducing your partner to your family and friends.

Because as much as you love your partner, there’s no guarantee that the people closest to you are gonna feel the same way!

Unfortunately for this user’s brother, his snooty girlfriend did not have the golden touch.

Despite that he insisted she invite her to her bachelorette party.

When she found out the party wasn’t going to be an expensive event, she said she had other plans.

Then, when her friends surprised her with an elegant party, the girlfriend was fuming!

Check it out!

AITA for letting someone skip my bachelorette party and not telling them new details that would’ve changed their mind?

My brother has been trying to push me to get closer to his girlfriend “Mary” (together 3 months).

I’ve done my best to get to know her (initiating dinners, trying her hobbies with her, etc.) but we honestly don’t really get along.

I personally think she’s a snob. She complimented my designer bag, but took the compliment back when she found out it was thrifted.

As in literally said “yikes, I take that back”.

She thinks I lack “culture and sophistication” which is  something she’s mentioned when trying to convince me to do a “makeover” with her.

Despite this rift, her brother was dead set on his girlfriend being in OP’s upcoming wedding…

The issue is that I’m getting married this year, and my brother has been REALLY trying to get her involved.

I put my foot down with the bridal party since they’ve only been dating for 3 months and I don’t know her, but he insisted that I invite her to the bachelorette.

It was originally supposed to be super lowkey and local. Mary tried to push for something more extravagant, but it really wasn’t in my budget.

When I wouldn’t budge, she told us something came up that weekend and she couldn’t go.

She was shocked when her friends actually did surprise her with an extravagant bachelorette party!

I was later surprised by my friends who had come together to organize a lavish weekend through favors and points.

For example, one of my friend’s aunts works for a spa, so she was able to get discounted packages, another used her travel points to book a suite, etc.

I was not told about this, and was truly and happily surprised.

One person who wasn’t quite as happily surprised? Mary!

The issue is that Mary found out when we posted pictures and she was FUMING. My brother is now saying that I deliberately left her out, but she told me she was busy!

Mary said that if she had known what the weekend was like though, she would have rearranged her schedule.

I feel conflicted because I suspect that my friends didn’t tell Mary on purpose.

But they’re claiming they made these plans after Mary bowed out and didn’t reach back out since she was busy.

My brother still says I should have double checked and made more of an effort to let Mary know my plants, so I figured I’d ask the internet for your thoughts!

How could she possibly be mad she wasn’t at the party if she was the one who said she couldn’t go in the first place?

Reddit was just as fed up with Mary’s attitude, too, saying if her schedule was busy for one type of party, it was busy for every type of party.

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Others said Mary was only concerned about herself.

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This user was shocked that her brother would expect his girlfriend of 3 months to be part of the wedding in the first place.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Finally this user was reminded of people in her own family who thought money was everything, but revealed that they were actually the ones in financial trouble!

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I would have been done with her after she told me I lacked culture, no matter who she was dating!

I have a feeling that relationship might be doomed.

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