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Clueless Roommate Kept Insisting The Electricity Wasn’t Turned Back On, So They Let Her Stay At A Friend’s House So They Could Have Peace And Quiet

by Matthew Gilligan

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This is how it’s done, folks…

I’m talking about getting back at a lame roommate who you don’t want around anymore!

Are y’all ready for this?

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Oh no, the electricity is off again…

“This happened about 18 years ago.

I (F 16 at the time) moved out of the family home and lived with a guy (Eric) and a girl (Chloe) in a flat on the not so nice side of town owned by a slum landlord. I knew Eric really well (and continued to live with him for another 4 years) but didnt know Chloe that well.

I don’t remember much about living with her but I do remember after we’d been living together for about 6 months Eric and I got really fed up with Chloe’s constant complaints about our home life (a expectation vs reality problem – nothing was ever good enough).

She was a real drag.

She complained about everything and never got her rent to me on time – now bear in mind we were all young newly independent teenagers who had low paying jobs and doing the best we could.

One night she had a go at me for not doing her dishes and I went through her. I remember she was right in my face screaming at me and I just screamed back.

I think the gradual build up of anger released all at once and I know now that we were not arguing about the fact I never washed her dishes but about everything else.

She would never apologise and would just be over-sweet next time you spoke to her – I really struggle with folks like this to this day.

After the blow up she went back to her room and Eric and I watched TV in the living room when the electricity cut out. We had one of those meter cards and had run out of money.

Chloe came through and asked if we had any money to get electricity. Still miffed about the argument earlier, Eric and I said not at the moment although planned to get some later on that night. Chloe arranged to go to her friend’s house and stay the night because she couldn’t live with no electricity.

She left, and Eric went to the shop to get electricity added to the card, but we never told her.

Hey, this is pretty nice!

Eric and I went about our usual stuff, but decided that we much preferred not having Chloe about so whenever we left the house we would switch the main switch off.

Chloe came back to the house on three occasions over the next week whilst we were out and saw that the electricity still hadn’t been sorted so went back to her friends house for a few more days.

Overall we had her out the house for almost two weeks – I remember being so relieved at the peace and quiet, and Eric, our friends and I had a great time.

She moved out not long after.

Good riddance!”

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