May 7, 2024 at 4:27 pm

Co-Worker Wants Her To Help Plan A Baby Shower For Another Employee, But She Refuses To Do It Because She Just Doesn’t Like Her

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@kellysikkema

People are weird…

I remember a friend of mine telling me that a guy he barely knew asked him to be a groomsman at his wedding.

I guess that’s kind of sad, but it’s also strange.

And so is this story from Reddit’s “Am I the *******?” page!

Get all the details below and see what you think.

AITA for saying “no thanks” to planning a baby shower for a co-worker.

“Bambi is having a baby.

I do not like Bambi. I am not even really friendly with Bambi.

I am professional if we need to discuss a work thing, but overall she’s just not my type of person.

Say what?!?!

Jessica decided Bambi needs a baby shower – mind you, 4 other employees have had babies and Jessica never thought they needed a baby shower.

Jessica text me and another person saying we needed a time to meet to plan Bambi’s baby shower and I responded with:

“I appreciate you reaching out but I won’t be able to participate in planning it. I can help view dept. calendars and come up with a good date and would be happy to help with tear down and clean up the day of.”

Uh oh…

Jessica is not pleased, my boss doesn’t care, and a few friends think I just need to suck it up.

I might be the ******* because it wouldn’t hurt me to help plan but I don’t want to so I chose to say ‘no’.


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One reader said she’s NTA.

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Another individual shared their thoughts.

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This Reddit user nailed it.

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One person also doesn’t think she’s NTA.

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I think I would’ve said no, too…

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