May 20, 2024 at 6:11 am

Diabetic Man Measures The Effect Of A Celsius Energy Drink On His Blood Sugar To See If It Will Cause It To Spike

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: TikTok/@insulinresistant1

We’ve all been there, half asleep with 5 pages left of an essay to write.

What’s the only quick solution? Pounding back a red bull!

With all of the caffeine in some energy drinks, we all know they are not without their risks.

But until TikTok user @insulinresistant1’s video about the effect of Celsius on his blood sugar, I’ve never seen anyone really break that particular issue down.

Check his video out!

Source: TikTok/@insulinresistant1

Justin starts his video by explaining that he will be seeing how the popular energy drink, Celsius, affects his blood sugar.

First he gives the nutrition information. “This entire can has only 10 calories. It’s also got a lot of vitamins, and 140 milligrams of caffeine.”

Talk about a pick me up!

Source: TikTok/@insulinresistant1

And while Justin is doubtful that Celsius’s main sweetener is surculose, he said you never know!

“All right it’s been a couple of hours since I had the celsius…. there is no blood sugar spike here.”

To add some legitimacy to his experiment, Justin explains that he tests these drinks after a 16 hour fast, and on an empty stomach on top of that!

Source: TikTok/@insulinresistant1

While there were no noticeable changes in his blood sugar, he did notice a massive burst of energy!

“I don’t normally have 140 mg of caffeine in one setting. It may be way too much caffeine for me to have.”

And Justin reminded everyone that their individual results would be unique to them, especially if they were diabetic like him.

I don’t think you needed an experiment to realize Celsius had way too much sugar!


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TikTok was glad someone was recording the effects of popular products on people who struggle with diabetes.

Source: TikTok/@insulinresistant1

Other people were more concerned of the effect of all that caffeine on someone’s blood sugar!

Source: TikTok/@insulinresistant1

And finally, this user went on a tirade against the drink and its harmful effects!

Source: TikTok/@insulinresistant1

Even if it won’t mess with someone’s blood sugar, it might keep you up for days!

Maybe that’s a good thing. You’ll have to decide for yourself!

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