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Girlfriend’s Parents Are Super Polite To New Boyfriend In Front Of Her, But Then They Pull Him Aside And Tell Him How They Really Feel

by Ryan McCarthy

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Everyone’s parents have the perfect idea of their child’s partner in their head, but their picture might not be the partner you actually end up with.

That doesn’t mean they’re destined to hate them!

When this man met his clean-cut girlfriend’s parents, they were perfectly polite…until they pulled him aside to tell him that they wanted him to stay away from her!

Would he be in the wrong to tell her how they talked to him?

See for yourself!

WIBTA if I ( m25 ) come clean and tell my girlfriend ( f21 ) that her parents hate me?

I’ve been with my girlfriend, I’ll call her Sally, for around 6 months and things have been going great.

She’s extremely sweet and gentle, absolutely adorable and just the most thoughtful and caring person I have ever met.

When we first started getting to know each other, I found out that she was quite innocent.

She doesn’t understand most innuendos and has a hard time getting those kinds of jokes.

She also doesn’t smoke, drink, have tattoos.

She has never gone to a bar or a party, and has never gotten in trouble in school or anywhere.

He didn’t mind her innocence, but found it interesting considering he was pretty much the exact opposite!

At first I thought nothing much of it but I did find it interesting that she liked me in the first place.

I drink and have a few piercings and tattoos, just the opposite of her really.

Everything had been going great until I met her parents a few weeks ago.

Sally asked me if I wanted to meet them and I agreed.

I was excited to meet them because I figured that if my girlfriend was such a sweet person then her parents must be like that too since they raised her after all.

Unfortunately, he didn’t find Sally’s parents quite as charming as he found her!

Well I was wrong because her parents are nothing like her, at least not when she isn’t looking.

At first they were really nice to me and asked me a few questions about myself. But they switched up immediately after dinner when they asked me if I could talk with them in private.

They weren’t so nice anymore and told me straight to my face that they didn’t like me and wanted me to leave their daughter alone.

I was so confused and when I asked them, they said I wasn’t a good influence judging from my appearance. Like I said before I have a few tattoos and piercings.

But it’s only a few ear piercings, one tattoo around my neck, one on my right arm , and one on my shoulder but they couldn’t see that one.

He stood his ground, and said he treated their daughter with nothing but respect, and that his appearance had nothing to do with that!

I told them that I treat their daughter well and that what I did with my body was for myself and had nothing to do with my influence on their daughter.

But they didn’t listen, and just kept interrogating me with a bunch of questions like a rice purity test.

It was so overwhelming.

They spent a few minutes just berating me on my life choices and that they want me to stay away from my girlfriend.

I told them I wasn’t going to do that. I asked if there was something I could at least do to prove that I had no ill intentions, but they just kept berating me.

But when the interrogation was over, they went right back to being polite in front of Sally!

After awhile it got awkward and all three of us just got quiet, and I kid you not, her parents go back inside to where my girlfriend was waiting and start acting sweet again.

I just stayed quiet throughout the rest of the night because it felt so awkward.

Sally noticed and she asked me if I was alright and got really worried, but i just told her I was tired.

Considering how different they acted in front of her, he was having a hard time deciding whether or not to tell Sally about her parents’ behavior…

Now I can’t stop debating whether or not I should tell Sally about what her parents said to me.

I feel terrible keeping this from her and a part of me wants to tell her.

But another part of me thinks it’s best to stay quiet and keep the peace and just try to make her parents like me over time.

Reddit said he shouldn’t play into their weird game, and that he needed to be honest with his girlfriend.

Source: Reddit/AITA

This user told him not to feel bad about being honest, and that he wasn’t the problem for telling her how her parents really acted.

Source: Reddit/AITA

But this user warned him against criticizing her parents, saying to make sure to be objective in his description of what happened.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Many said at the end of the day, no one likes their parents lying to them.

Source: Reddit/AITA

And finally, this user told him to be understanding with her reaction to this news, as it was obviously a lot to take in at once…

Source: Reddit/AITA

If they snapped back into being nice to me, I would feel like I was losing my mind!

Talk about confusing.

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