May 9, 2024 at 10:48 pm

Grandpa Doesn’t Know Baby Shark Song, But Gives Reading The Book To Grandkid A Try Anyway

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@cristalenap

This song came out of nowhere several years ago, and parents fought valiantly against it.

That said, it seems like it’s here to stay.

This grandpa’s version of ‘Baby Shark’ might just make you love it for real.

@cristalenap shared the heartfelt clip and it has gone super viral.

Source: TikTok/@cristalenap

People’s hearts are melting over the grandpa singing the song to his grandchild, as he reads the baby shark book.

In the totally loveable clip, the guy sings the tune so out of tune, it has his family cracking up.

He sings: “Daddy shark, do-do-do-do-do,” and really gets the song so wrong it’s hilarious.

Source: TikTok/@cristalenap

He repeats the words, then turns to his grandchild and says the sharks all “say the same thing.”

He then turns round and says “People make this up and they buy it.”

Source: TikTok/@cristalenap

Turns out grandpa had never heard of Baby Shark or the theme tune and when he was asked to read it, well he improvised.

He’s a lucky guy to have avoided the Baby Shark song this long, but his version is great!

Watch the full clip here:


We asked him to read “Baby Shark” and he has never heard of it. We were laughing so hard 😂 #babyshark #babysharkdoodoo

♬ original sound – Cristalena 🤍

Here’s what people thought of the clip:

Love that. Baby Shark on replay foreeevvverrr!

Source: TikTok/@cristalenap

How could you!

Source: TikTok/@cristalenap

Grandpa needs his own show!

Source: TikTok/@cristalenap

I mean, he gave it a shot.

This might be the version this family sings forever.

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