May 27, 2024 at 3:30 am

He Didn’t Realize The Diaper Bag Was Empty, But For Some Reason He Thinks This Is His Wife’s Fault

by Ashley Ashbee

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It’s considered proper etiquette to refill the supply of something after you use the last of it, but many variables can override etiquette.

See how the man in this story disagrees with his wife’s reason for not refilling the diaper bag.

AITA for getting annoyed at my wife for having no nappies in the nappy bag?

So I (M35) took the baby (F2) out the other day whilst my wife (F35) was at work.

I am prepared for several hours out of the house, snack, juice, books (Don’t Mess with Duck which I highly recommend) etc..

I grab the nappy bag, throw it in the pram and leave.

He thought he was well prepared, but alas…

We go to the pub for a spot of lunch, we read a story, I drink some of my pint and then the baby poos.

No problem, I threw the nappy bag into the pram.

I go through said bag and there are no nappies.

Too many options. How do you choose?

It’s 21⁰C outside, she is in a dress and I have promised the park. I am panicking.

There are trousers in the bag, do I just bang them on and style it out?

Do we sack off the park and go home?

Do I just deal with that meltdown?

Things work out, but the drama isn’t over.

Luckily the pub have nappies in the changing room and I bang her in some tight fitting neonatal nappies and we head for the park.

When I get home, my wife gets annoyed at me for not checking the bag before leaving.

He has a rationale for not checking it.

My standpoint: if you use the last nappy, you should replenish the bag and the nappy bag is a grab bag.

She thinks I am the ******* for not checking.

I think she is the ****** for not replenishing the nappy supply in the bag when she uses the last one.

So Reddit, AITA?

Let’s see what people in the comments think.

A lot of people were mad OP doesn’t know the rules for diapers.

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This made me laugh, but maybe I should be concerned.

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I’m not a parent, but even I understand this.

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I appreciate this as I call myself a workflow dork. Follow the system!

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A lot of commenters doubt he would extend the same courtesy to his wife that he expects from her.

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This is why I make checklists for myself.

If you want something done right etc etc.

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