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He Felt Left Out During A Bar Crawl With His Girlfriend’s Group Of Friends, So He Decided To Leave Early. Now Things Are Tense.

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@intacts

Ugh…bar crawls don’t sound fun

I say that as an older fella, but I didn’t even like them when I was in my twenties!

So I can sympathize with the guy who wrote this story…but did he act like a jerk to his girlfriend?

Let’s see what’s going on here…

AITA for leaving a bar crawl early without my girlfriend?

“I (27 M) just got home about 45 minutes ago and am currently dealing with my very ****** off GF (29 F). We have been dating since November after meeting off of Hinge.

Every year, the weekend before St Patrick’s day weekend, her friend from high school “Dean” has a birthday bar crawl.

A lot of people go; there must have been like 40 people there. My gf has known Dean since high school and she even dated him for a bit then.

We are much older now so that doesn’t bother me.

Things didn’t go well…

What bothered me is that my gf basically barely talked to me the entire time we were there. We got to the pregame around noon and went to the first bar at like 2 PM. She kept running off with her friends and I didn’t know a single person who was there.

These aren’t friends she sees that often so I’ve never met them before. I spent most of my time at the first 3 bars looking for her. She was pretty intoxicated and hyper and I know she was looking forward to seeing these friends but it still felt like she ditched me.

I even expressed to her that if she wanted to go without me it would be okay because I am kind of shy and not great with large groups of people i don’t know. She insisted that I go however so I did. Only for her to not be around me most of the time.

He was outta there!

When it came time to go to the third bar, I found her and told her I had an Uber coming back to my apartment and she can come over when she’s done.

I said I didn’t care at all if she wanted to stay but I was done and didn’t really feel wanted at all. She tried to get me to stay but I insisted it was all good but I just wanted to leave.

Now she is saying she’s not gonna come over and she’s mad at me for leaving. Even making snide remarks about how I don’t let myself socialize.


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I would’ve left, too!

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