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He Refused To Share His Playstation With His Brother For His Karaoke Party, So He Got Revenge And Convinced His Parents To Send Bro To The Most Boring Wedding Ever

by Ryan McCarthy

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It’s only sibling nature to not give your sibling the thing they desperately need just to spite them.

I remember my brother asking me to wear a shirt I hadn’t put on in years, only to tell him that “Sorry, I was actually planning on wearing that tonight!”

But sometimes that familial spite ends up coming back to bite you, especially when your sibling has leverage with your parents that can make your life miserable!

Well unfortunately for this user’s brother, when he ruined his karaoke party by refusing to share his playstation with her, he got him back by convincing his parents to take him to a stuffy wedding!

Check it out!

An unpleasant surprise for my brother after he ruined my plans for a Singstar Party

The story happened several years ago. My brother was 14 at the time and I was 18.

There was a weekend coming up where our parents weren’t there on a Saturday, so I wanted to do an extensive Singstar session with some friends.

It was just much more pleasant without parents at home and we also wanted to enjoy a few beers.

But there was one slight issue. The Playstation wasn’t OP’s but his brother’s!

The Singstar game belonged to me, but the Playstation belonged to my brother, who got it for Christmas. I had a gaming PC and was not a console gamer.

My brother knew exactly that I had planned this and initially said that I could use his Playstation for the day.

But come 2 days before the party, he suddenly said that he needed it himself and wouldn’t borrow it. Of course I was annoyed but he didn’t care, instead he became more insolent.

I also spoke to my parents, but they said that it wasn’t nice of him because he had previously agreed, but at the end of the day it’s his Playstation and I have to accept that.

But that didn’t stop OP, who rescheduled his party to a weekend where his parents were going to a wedding anniversary of a couple her brother wasn’t particularly fond of!

Well, I thought, I’ll just look for another date and found the perfect opportunity. A few weeks later we were invited to the silver wedding anniversary of my parents’ friends.

My brother had talked his way out of it again because he always found this couple quite boring and always begged to stay at home when we visited them which sometimes worked.

He also had a great aversion to formal clothing, which was of course essential for this event.

So i thought if I could convince my parents to take my brother to the party instead of me, that would be awesome.

Because it wasn’t just a chance to get her brother out of the house, it was a chance to get some sweet sweet revenge!

Not only would I have the house to myself, it would also be a good revenge on my brother.

He still had a suit from the wedding of our aunt 1 1/2 years ago, and I knew he would hate it so bad if my parents forced him into it and drag him along to this silver wedding.

I asked my parents about it and suggested that they take him to the wedding instead of me so that I could have the house to myself and be able to have a singing star party with friends.

And to my surprise, my parents actually liked the idea.

OP said her brother’s behavior in the weeks prior definitely didn’t help his chances of getting out of the party!

My brother had made several missteps lately and had upset our parents, and they thought it was a good opportunity to bring him back down to earth.

In the morning of the day of the silver wedding, my brother found out that he had to go there instead of me.

Of course he rebelled and fought back desperately, but my parents had the right leverage to quickly break his resistance.

And soon OP’s brother’s smugness was replaced by pitiful pleading to let him stay home!

It was hilarious how his angry protests quickly turned into self-pitying begging as he tried in vain to convince my parents to at least spare him the bowtie.

He looked so grumpy when they left. I, on the other hand, had a really cool day afterwards with some friends, several beers and many hours of Singstar.

And throughout the day, the thought of my cheeky brother being trapped in his suit, shirt and bow tie at this silver wedding for hours always brought a smile to my face.

He was a bit mad at me for the next few weeks, but that went away and his behavior improved a bit after that too.

Hope keeping your playstation for the night was worth getting all dolled up for that wedding! I’m with OP’s brother though, I’d just as soon be put in jail before attending an event with a bowtie.

Reddit loved to see OP get his party, and revenge for his stingy little brother, with many wondering if he learned the lesson himself or had to have someone explain it to him.

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But many people were just surprised that a teenage boy could fit into any clothes that he had gotten almost two years ago!

Source: Reddit/AITA

And if this had been somebody’s kid…

Source: Reddit/AITA

Reading this story has me craving some karaoke…

I can do a pretty mean Johnny Cash after a few whiskey sours!

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