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Her Horrible Boyfriend Cheated And Lied, So She Stole His Mother Out From Under Him

by Trisha Leigh

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There’s no one in your life quite like your mom. She’s there for you, you can talk to her, and except in extreme circumstances, she’s always on your side.

This woman’s first real boyfriend was kind of a loser.

When I was 20-23, I was in my first somewhat-long-term relationship, and my first relationship in which we lived together.

It was a bit rocky, we both caused a lot of problems in the relationship, but we finally broke up when I found out my boyfriend had been cheating on me regularly.

Aside from cheating, he also took financial advantage of both her and his mother.

He had also been lying about working an unpaid internship that would have transitioned to a job, which allowed him to spend hours going out with other women and excused his lack of income.

I was partly supporting him financially along with his mom, who he was also lying to.

When things came out, she went crying to his mom – who took her side.

Even though my relationship with him was never stable, his mom loved me and would often openly take my side when we were fighting.

She had four sons and no daughters, and she told me she considered me the daughter she never had.

So when the cheating and lying was uncovered, it wasn’t hard to get her to take my side.

She was the person I went crying to, and I told her that this is the sort of thing you cry about to your mom, and since I don’t have a relationship with my own mom I was glad she was there for me to talk to.

In fact, he and his mother were not close for the rest of her life.

She was, of course, furious with him for lying to us both, effectively scamming us out of our money, and for cheating on me.

Even when he complained to her about everything I had done wrong in the relationship, she refused to believe him because in her eyes I could do no wrong.

She sat him in front of a computer and made him apply for jobs in front of her, then supervised his job search process the way one might supervise a child cooking for the first time.

Once he found a job she made him pay us both back for the money we spent supporting him while he was lying to us.

But the poster still misses her.

After he had finished paying us back and moved out of her place, she spoke to him rarely and was very clear that she no longer trusted him.

She even warned his next girlfriend that he was a cheater (and from what I’ve since heard, she was right to, as he has apparently cheated on other girlfriends since).

She and I remained close until she passed away two years ago. She was one of the maybe three people I’ve ever felt I could be truly vulnerable with, she was the only person I told about a particularly difficult mental health situation I was going through, and I really did start to see her as a surrogate mother.

Does Reddit think this was too far? Let’s find out!

The top comment is happy that she had that relationship in her life.

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The son definitely sounds like an aberration.

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Some people just know what side is the right one.

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Everyone needs a mom.

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Mothers always know what kind of kiddo you’ve got.

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I mean, you reap what you sow.

At least his mom tried to teach him about consequences.

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