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Her Boyfriend Left Her At The Worst Possible Time, So She Bested Him With A Streaming Company And Moved On With Her Life

by Ashley Ashbee

Source: Reddit/Petty Revenge/Pexels/Garrett Morrow

It’s deeply unsettling when someone leaves you out of the blue. It can make you feel terrible about yourself, like the woman in this story.

Check out how she got even with him in a gaming tournament after they broke up.

Throw me away like trash? Watch me getting chosen over you!

It was the end of November 2021 when my(f32 at the time) Boyfriend(34) of 13 years decided to break up with me out of nowhere.

He basically threw me away like trash during a move into an apartment and into a new life, which we had planned together until that moment.

She needed to get help…

I was devastated to the point I had to enter a medical facility, as I did not trust myself for a while.

I could not fathom why he did it and everybody we knew was just as surprised as me when they heard the news.

But the turnaround was swift…

It took me a month to accept he won’t come back to me and after I returned to the outside world, I finished my bachelors degree and started freelancing as I had planned to do for several years at that point. I worked hard and became successful.

I’m a bit of a casual gamer and out of boredom, I started streaming my gaming session back in January of this year (2024).

Weirdly enough, a week after I started streaming, my Ex also did so. Can’t be certain if it’s a coincidence or not.

Some acquaintances of the both of us checked out my recordings after I had posted about them on Twitter (I will never call it X!). They had owned a small streaming community themselves in the past and my Ex and I used to hang around in their chat and got involved with them during events.

And some pretty sweet satisfaction…

They are currently running a Let’s-Play-Channel in my country’s language on a certain popular video platform and chose ME over my Ex to become a part of their Team, despite him being closer with them and the better gamer.

It felt so good being told that my streams were more fun to watch and his are just boring.

It’s nice that they think of you, but this means you can’t truly move on.

They and others also keep me in the loop about my Ex’s living situation and it seems things didn’t go as planned for him and he is constantly losing friends.

This past week the first series of videos have been uploaded and are receiving a lot of positive response. I hope my Ex sees them and recognizes the Giant Middle Finger they are to him.

My freelance work is going well, I picked up new activities, met new people, made new friends and am generally enjoying life to its fullest. The best kind of revenge there is.

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Agreed. Communication is so important.

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I really liked that, too. Winning isn’t everything.

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Many commenters expressed that they were super proud of OP.

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I completely agree. You can’t move on that way.

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A lot of people seemed to find OP’s story cathartic.

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It’s good to throw yourself into an activity while you’re grieving!