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Her Boyfriend Says She Should Have “Warned Him” Her Parents Are Rich, But She Didn’t Know That Was A Thing

by Trisha Leigh

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Relationships take work, and part of the reason is that a lot of times, people come from very different families of origin.

Wealth can be intimidating to those who didn’t grow up without it.

Or at least, that’s what this guy says.

This woman and her boyfriend have been dating for awhile.

So, my bf “Callum” and I have been together for 8 months, and over this long weekend I figured it would be a good time for him to meet my dad.

He’s met her mom and stepdad, but when they met her father, he was visibly nervous.

He has met my mom and stepdad a couple of times, but always at restaurants or my place.

But for this meeting with my dad we went over to his place for lunch.

Looking back on it, Callum was immediately uptight when he saw where my dad lives, but I thought it was just nerves.

He was acting pretty strange all through lunch, and was very cagey about any questions my dad or his wife asked.

But again, I chocked it up nerves.

Afterward he said she should have warned him her dad was rich.

Well, when we were driving back he blew up (not yelling or anything, just clearly frustrated) that I never told him my dad is rich.

I was confused and asked why he’d need to know my dad’s income.

Callum said he would have prepared himself better if he’d known and that I sent him in there “blind” because you’re meant to warn your partner or potential pitfalls when they meet your parents.

I was still confused what about my dad’s tax bracket was a potential pitfall. I could see warning him if my dad was incredibly snobbish about dress sense or manners but he isn’t.

Callum then asked if I’d also “hidden” that my mom and stepdad were rich which I admitted I guess I did, although I take issue with him calling it hiding something, it’s just not relevant.

Now, he’s questioning a few things about her background.

Callum hasn’t let it go and is now digging into irrelevant stuff such as my previous vacations, my living situation, and my job, apparently so he can figure out what exactly my “lifestyle” is.

I think he’s totally lost the plot.

But up until now he’s been a really sweet, unassuming, chill person so I’m wondering if I really am the problem?

To clarify, my parents are not rich like what you would think of when you think rich.

Both my dad and stepdad have been successful and been able to give themselves and their kids nice lives but we aren’t the Waltons.

And even if we were, is this a thing you “warn” people about???

She’s confused, but maybe Reddit can clear it up?

The top comment says it’s time for them to have a chat.

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This person thinks the poster is clueless, though.

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His questions are probably understandable.

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They say she’s being naive.

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Some people do think she should have told him.

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I never heard of this either.

Hopefully some solid communication will clear up the issue.

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