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Her Brother And His Family Have Been Terrible Houseguests So She Wants To Give Them The Boot

by Matthew Gilligan

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Ugh…just reading this story gave me the heebie-jeebies.

Why, you ask? I’ll tell you why! Because bad houseguests drive everyone crazy!

Take a look at this story and see if you think this woman is going too far…

AITA for wanting to kick out my brother and his family after they’ve been nightmare house guests?

“My brother “Ellis” recently got a job in my city, that required an immediate start.

He didn’t have the time or money to find a place on such notice and his partner “Taylor” just had a baby 7 months ago (so he didn’t want to leave her alone) so he asked if they could stay at my place for a couple of months to get situated.


Ellis is a responsible guy who doesn’t take advantage of people so I felt okay saying yes.

Ellis, Taylor, their 7 mo baby, and Taylor’s daughter all moved in. Before they came I made it CLEAR that I would not tolerate them doing any sleep training or “cry it out” stuff with the baby. If the baby cries you need to make an immediate and reasonable effort to soothe him.

The other rule was Taylor was responsible for any damage her daughter did in the house (you would think this would be obvious but we’ve had previous incidents). The final rule was, neither I nor my husband would be doing ANY childcare.

No time for that!

I am a SAHM to my own daughter, as well as having a side business, and my husband works very hard, just because we are home, does not mean we are available to provide childcare. I thought it went without saying that they would be responsible for themselves in all other ways.

They accepted all the conditions and moved in.

It took two weeks to go to ****. There were times I’d have to get up in the night to wake Taylor and Ellis to get the baby. Taylor’s daughter has also not adjusted well to the move and is constantly playing sick to avoid going to school.

This sounds like a nightmare.

Then, because she’s not really sick, she spends the day causing havoc. Taylor has been bugging me to help her with the kids despite agreeing she wouldn’t. She’s also been expecting that she and her kids would be cooked and cleaned for.

So it was two weeks until I was getting annoyed and a further two weeks on me being on the edge. What tipped it over was earlier this week, I was picking my daughter up early from school and going out, and Taylor asked me to take her daughter with me.

She said she was drowning in things to do and the baby was fussing and she needed a break. I said no, Taylor swore at me and I just left.

When we got back a few hours later, the first thing I hear is the baby crying. I go into the nursery…no Taylor. Her daughter is sitting on the couch watching tv and crying…no Taylor.


My kitchen is a mess…no Taylor. I frantically search the whole house only to find Taylor locked in a closet.

She said she couldn’t take it and needed a break. I called Ellis and tell him to get his *** home.

I sat them down and said they had to go. I said I would chip in for a hotel but I can’t do this anymore.

Ellis thinks I’m being an ******* going back on the deal, but he and Taylor haven’t held up their end. I do feel bad because I don’t want to stress Ellis out with his new job but I am going crazy. I don’t like being in my own home.

AITA for putting my foot down?”

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