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Daughter Doesn’t Want Her Abusive Dad Around While She’s In Therapy, But He Insists He Can Be There If He Wants To

by Trisha Leigh

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No parent is a perfect parent, but if one of your children doesn’t want you around when they’re going through a stressful time, you should probably take a step back.

And you know, do some self-reflection.

Let’s take a look at this story from Reddit.

AITA for asking my husband to not be near our daughter during her physical therapy?

I (42f) have 3 kids (18f, 16m,14f) with my husband (45m).

My husband has always been the disciplinarian and tends to yell and scream insults a lot and get mad quite easily, and our kids don’t have the best relationship with him due to this.

Recently their youngest child was in an accident that requires intense physical therapy.

Our youngest was in a car accident, and experienced a spinal cord injury and is currently going through physical therapy, and some surgeries.

She is doing some practice at home and I don’t want my husband there a lot when she’s going through the therapy, or at the hospital picking her up and dropping her off for surgery, as he may instinctively get mad at her messing something up.

Or him being there may make her feel worried that he’s going to get mad.

She has also asked me to try and get him to not be there.

Her husband, though, refuses to listen.

I confronted him and told him that because he wants to help them he may get mad easily and upset her when she needs to be as positive as possible, and knowing him he may worry about grades and let that blind him from worrying about her.

He said that he would be there and that as a father he had the right to get mad when his children make mistakes.

I told him that she really needed support during this time and that knowing he tends to be very disciplinary I would not be letting him near her during this time.

And then things really got out of hand.

He told me that there was nothing stopping him and I said that I would divorce him if he acted the same way.

He told me I was being a psycho and I am starting to think that he is right and maybe I am overreacting in not letting him be there during this time.


I have a feeling I know what Reddit is going to say to this lady.

The top comment says it’s past time for her to go.

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This person says what she’s describing sounds scary.

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And this commenter agrees it sounds like something is really wrong.

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People were very passionate about helping these poor kids.

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It’s high time the poster step up.

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Sometimes things are so clear from the outside looking in.

I hope she takes the judgement and advice seriously.

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