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Her Father’s Girlfriend Gifted Them And Their Baby A Take-Me-Home Outfit Despite Being Asked Specifically Not To

by Chris Allen

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Getting gifts from people who love you and will love your new baby, too, is a special thing.

Most parents think about what they want to put their new baby in to bring them home from the hospital – a first little outfit to greet the wider world.

But what if even that little outfit came with strings attached and a headache of an argument?

AITA for refusing to use the take-me-home outfit my father’s girlfriend bought for my daughter?

I’m pregnant with my second child, a girl due next month.

When my older son was born, my husband and I got him a “take-me-home outfit” to leave the hospital in.

Choosing it became a very special memory for us, and we decided we’d do the same with whatever future children we had.

Incoming unwanted desires of her father’s girlfriend.

Last month, my father’s girlfriend of two years (I’ll call her “Betty”) presented me with a onesie for my daughter.

She specifically said that she wanted me to use it as the take-me-home outfit.

Betty had expressed the desire to buy that outfit three times since I’d announced my pregnancy.

On all of those occasions, I explained that me and my husband wanted to pick it and buy it ourselves, and that choosing the first clothes our daughter would wear at home meant a lot to us both.

Oh this line is just dripping in entitlement syndrome.

When Betty gave me the onesie, she jokingly said she was “saving us the effort.”

I sincerely thanked Betty, but told her my husband and I still wanted to pick the take-me-home outfit ourselves.

I don’t think she took it seriously, as her only reply was that we wouldn’t find anything cuter.

So that left a bad taste in their mouths.

I’ll be honest. I really don’t like the outfit she bought. But even if I did, I wouldn’t use it as the take-me-home.

My husband and I were really looking forward to getting it ourselves, and even our son wanted to help us choose his sister’s “special clothes.”

A little under two weeks ago, we finally picked the outfit. It’s a light yellow one that we fell in love with.

Then the confrontation about this precious “gift” happened.

My father and Betty came over for lunch on Saturday. Before they left, my son excitedly showed them the outfit.

When Betty asked about the one she’d gifted me, I reminded her that we’d wanted to choose the baby’s take-me-home ourselves.

The onesie she got me will be kept with the rest of my daughter’s clothes.

She didn’t say anything.

My father called me the next day to tell me I’d made Betty very upset with my “attitude.”

He said that she put a lot of care into the outfit she’d picked, and it was petty and inconsiderate of me to dismiss her generosity.

So now she is doubting herself after finding out how much the “gift” cost.

Pretty much everyone that knows about this is on my side, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have my doubts.

I also recently found out the onesie Betty bought was VERY expensive, so maybe that’s what’s making me doubt myself.

That said, I did express how much this meant to me and my husband, and I told her not to buy the outfit several times.


Let’s check out what folks had to say.

One person suggested just giving it back if money was the issue here.

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Another person pointed out how clear she had been from the jump.

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While one Redditor suggested maybe Betty have a child herself if she’s so determined for this outfit to be used exactly as she planned.

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One commenter just reiterated: not your problem.

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Thank you, no thank you.

I agree that it might be best to just give it back.

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