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Her Fiance Claimed His Daughter Didn’t Want Her Stepbrother At Her Party. After She Skipped The Day She Learned None Of It Was Her Stepdaughter’s Idea.

by Trisha Leigh

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There’s no doubt that blending families is a rough gig.

If both adults aren’t on the same page, though, I doubt there’s much hope at all.

This woman has an older son, raised her partner’s daughter while he was fighting addiction, and they have a two-year-old together.

AITA for not going to my stepdaughter’s birthday because they disinvited my son?

My fiancé male 33, and I female 34 have been together for 5 going on 6 years, I was there for him for his drug addiction and raised his daughter while he was in jail and homeless and in rehab.

I have a son from a previous relationship (15 male), and we have a son together (2 male).

So, when her fiance called to say his daughter didn’t want her stepbrother at her birthday, she was surprised.

This last weekend was his daughter’s 13th birthday and the day before he messaged me to say that his daughter doesn’t want my son at her birthday because her boyfriend is coming, my son and her boyfriend get along very well, and she feels like she will be left out.

But, as she has her kid’s back, she said she wasn’t coming either.

So, I messaged my fiancé and said I would stop by and give her, her gift but I’m not staying as my son was excited about seeing his sister on her birthday and he was sad that he wasn’t invited anymore.

My fiancé then got angry that I was making a huge deal out of it saying she’s allowed to have whoever she wants at her birthday, which I agree she has every right, just as I have every right to show up because my son was upset about being uninvited, he knows I will always have his back.

Come to find out it was her fiance, not her stepdaughter, who made the request.

His mom called me to find out what was happening, and I told her what he had said, she told me that his daughter never said that she didn’t want her brother there and that we must come, but I said no because my son was upset.

I did not tell my son that my fiancé was the person who uninvited him, but he figured it out and asked me if it was my fiancé, not his sister who didn’t want him around.

I ended up taking my son to the movies and the arcade but when he saw his sister at the mall, he decided he didn’t want to stay any longer and we left.

Am I the A**hole for being upset about this whole situation?

The jury is out on why, but I’m not sure Reddit thinks it matters!

The top comment say she had better do some serious thinking.

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Lying is never a good sign.

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It’s time she thought about her son first.

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Either way, he’s definitely wrong.

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It’s only his fault and no one else’s.

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What a jerk.

I hope she walks away, but stays in her stepdaughter’s life, because I’m sure it’s important to her.

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