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Her Future Daughter-In-Law And Her Don’t See Eye To Eye, So She Won’t Do Something Special For Her Son’s Wedding

by Ashley Ashbee

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Weddings are a time to welcome a new person into your family and celebrate a new marriage.

But they can often be a source of drama.

Check out what happens when this future mother-in-law doesn’t want to follow a Philadelphia cookie table tradition that is important to her son’s future wife.

AITA for refusing to make a cookie table for my sons wedding

My son is marrying Wendy and the wedding is this summer.

She is not close to her own mother and is pushing hard to have me fill in the gap. I am not comfortable with it.

Here are some of Wendy’s actions, which some would consider controlling and manipulative.

She has multiple times overstepped boundaries such as inviting herself along, discussing very personal issues, very touchy etc, so my daughters and I are not close with her.

She asked me this week if I would make the cookie table for the wedding. Ordinarily the bride’s mother and other relatives would do that.

Then her entitlement reaches new heights.

According to my research, I would have to make over a thousand cookies from scratch. I asked my daughters if they wanted to do it and it was a strong no.

I informed her that it is way to much work and I don’t have the time. She told me okay and I thought that was it.

My son called me up and told me I am a huge jerk.


Let’s see what the commenters had to say.

I was thinking this, too. Many people probably don’t follow a custom that rigidly.

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I disagree with this one. Some people take more time to warm up to someone and want boundaries.

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This is true, but maybe OP does other things?

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It’s not a very promising response, I agree. Awkward…

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I can see this happening, but again we don’t know the whole story.

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Time to break out the electronic mixer.

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