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Her Future Daughter-In-Law Wanted To Go Shopping Together For Her Dress, But After Insisting She Take Off Work To Go, She Decided To Just Wear One She Already Owned

by Ryan McCarthy

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Everyone always says marriage is all about compromise, about choosing your battles wisely, and not sweating the small stuff.

When this user’s son was getting married, she tried her best to compromise with his fiancé on a time to pick out her dress.

But when his fiancé refused to meet on any day that worked for her, she told her she was just going to wear what she had!

Was she wrong to put her foot down? Decide for yourself!

AITA for apparently making the wedding all about me by being difficult and not taking off work to go dress shopping

Background. I have to travel for my job, Monday through Friday.

I have been getting on a plane every Monday and getting back on Friday due to a project needing to be supervised.

My future daughter-in-law works four days a week ( Wednesday to Saturday), 10 hour shifts.

She wants to met up to get a dress for the wedding. She wants to be there when I get a dress.

Originally I was just going to wear the same dress I wear for all wedding ( long blue dress) but she wanted me to wear something else since it will match her bridesmaids.

But when it came to scheduling the errand, things got a little dicey…

So looking at our schedule Sunday would be the best day to do this. We are both off.

She told me no since that is her rest day. She asked for Monday.

I told her I can’t and have to work.

Then I suggested Friday or Saturday after work, those got shut down.

She wants me to take off work.

I then suggested she send me examples of what she wants and I’ll shop by myself and buy something like the examples.

Also shut down.

So she told her if no days worked to meet, that she was just going to go with old reliable!

After much back and forth I told e to will just wear the blue dress. This started an argument and she called me a jerk.

My son is mad that I am making the wedding about me and not taking off work.

I don’t think I am being unreasonable but he told me to post here.

So her daughter in law insisted she get a new dress, didn’t want to meet up on any days that worked for both of them, then got mad that she wouldn’t change her work schedule?

Sounds like someone is in desperate need of a reality check!

Reddit assured her she was in no way making the wedding about herself, saying she offered her daughter-in-law plenty of options, and was rejected each time.

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And while some attempted to offer more compromises, they said it probably wasn’t even worth the effort!

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And this user even said to keep her son’s room open for when he goes running from a partner who refuses to compromise!

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Finally, this commenter even took the opportunity to address the son directly!

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She has three rest days each week, right?

So what are we missing?

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