May 15, 2024 at 3:24 am

Her Grandparents Won’t Call Her By Her Name, So She Ignores Them When They Use Her Nickname

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

This story is STRANGE.

And, to be honest, it’s actually pretty sad.

So I’m taking this young girl’s side on this one!

Check out what she had to say and see if you agree with me.

AITA for refusing to answer to my grandparents “nickname” for me?

“I (15f) started living with my grandparents last year because my mom ended up needing to be taken care of and couldn’t take care of me.

So my grandparents took me in. Ever since I moved in they have tried calling me “Elizabeth”. That is not my name, that’s not even my middle name.

This is pretty weird…

I have always used my first name “Astraea” or my a cutesy version of middle name which sometimes gets used for a nickname but is not connected to Elizabeth at all.

My grandparents never liked my name. They admitted that to me when I moved in with them. They asked me if I would be okay with a nicer more classic name and I told them no, because I love my name.

They asked me if I would like Emily because that was their unused girl name when they finished having kids and my answer was no. So when I rejected Emily they decided Elizabeth was the way to go.


They call me Elizabeth and not my name or my middle name or even the cutesy version of the middle name. It annoys me so freaking much. I have asked them to use my name but they told me the name is weird and they have no idea what my mom was thinking of when she named me.

They told me they tried to get her to pick a normal name but she was set on that and she was 19 so at that stage where listening to your parents is seen in a negative light.

We’ll see about that…

I reached the point where I refuse to answer to or respond to them when they call me Elizabeth.

I will totally ignore them.

My grandparents told me I’m being rude and I would want to start thinking of my future and how a name like Elizabeth or Emily would be better received by future employers and other adults in society.

They told me even without that it’s rude to ignore people and to refuse to engage with them.


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What a strange story!


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