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Her Husband Is Out Of Work And Not Looking For A New Job, So She Told Him He Has To Do More Chores Around The House

by Matthew Gilligan

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If you’re not working, you gotta pull your weight…

That sounds like a pretty reasonable rule for a relationship, don’t you think?

Sure, it does!

But that doesn’t mean everyone is gonna agree to such a rule…

So is this woman acting like a jerk toward her husband?

Let’s see what’s going on here!

AITA for making my husband take on all of the household chores?

“I (wife, 52) and my husband (56) have been married for 28 years.

We’ve both always worked full time, and raised three kids together. Anything to do with the kids was always my responsibility, as well as all indoor chores. He handled outdoor chores.

He got some bad news.

4 years ago, he was laid off. I gave him a year to get over it and find something else. He never found anything else. He hasn’t even tried. He hasn’t applied to anything at all.

He does have some health problems but they wouldn’t prevent him from working. I would even be happy with a part time job at this point but he has no interest and acts like he just retired early (which we can’t really afford).

He still handles outdoor chores, while I still work full time and took on an extra part time consulting job to make ends meet.

A year ago I told him he would now be 100% responsible for dinners, and over the last few months, I’ve also told him I won’t be doing dishes or laundry and that now falls to him.

I still dust, vacuum, etc.

There’s some friction about this…

He’s acting like I’m so awful for not helping him in the kitchen at all, and constantly complains (or looks for a pat on the back) when he does dishes or laundry.

So, AITA for making him pick up more chores?

He says I’m being lazy.”

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