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Her Kids Were Banned From Her Sister’s Wedding, So She’s Refusing To Go and The Family Is Outraged

by Ashley Ashbee

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Few events are as stressful to plan as a wedding and it’s not just from wondering if the food will be hot and the flowers fresh.

Read this story to see why children and culture can make wedding planning even more dramatic.

AITA for refusing to attend my sister’s wedding because she didn’t want my children to be present there?

Indian-American here. My sister Parvati is child-free.

In Indian culture (at least in the part of India I am from), it’s extremely rude to invite only one person in a family & specifically say that others should be excluded if you go to their house.

What you say is “I’d be glad if all of you come there.”

The sisters clashed on how things should be for OP’s wedding.

She is having her wedding in a while & showed up at our house. She said “I don’t want your kids to be there,” when they were present.

And to them “Don’t ask to come, either. I am not having vagrants ruin the wedding” (convos translated to English.)

Things only got more heated as they discussed it.

I told her it was really rude. She said “Well, it’s my wedding. I get to decide who’s invited.”

I snapped back “I am not attending your wedding.”

It escalated with other family members, too.

She got mad at me, yelled, and left. Others in our family, are calling me a huge ******* for “insulting a guest.”


Here’s what people had to say in the comments.

I’m with this commenter. If you and your sister were raised with these same customs, why does she oppose them?

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For several weddings I’ve been to, kids have only been there for part of it. You aren’t getting drunk around tots.

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Right? There must be a reason. I suspect OP is leaving things out to make her sister look bad.

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I think they were both super rude, but I agree that it’s wrong for anyone to feel entitled to be a guest.

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I’m diplomatic like this person. I’m also very chill. I don’t get why these things get so heated.

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I’m glad I got to be a flower girl at my parents’ wedding, but I wouldn’t disown them if I hadn’t been invited.

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