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Her Mom Said Her Kids Were Eating Too Much And She Needs To Watch Them More, But She Thinks They’re Doing Just Fine

by Matthew Gilligan

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Kids will be kids…

And if they’re getting enough physical activity, your kids can probably eat pretty much anything they want.

So is this mom wrong for how she reacted to her mother?

Get the whole story below and see what you think.

AITA For Refusing To Monitor My Kids’ Eating Habits?

I (42f) have two kids (14f and 13m) and a niece (15f) who all live with me along with my mom (70f).

The food in the house disappears in a hurry…

As all three kids are in the midst of puberty, they have been packing down food like crazy. But it doesn’t matter to me, I just buy and make more food since I really enjoy cooking.

The food in question isn’t like brownies and cake and mostly unhealthy stuff, but stuff that we normally eat. They always come back for seconds and thirds and stuff.

Yesterday, I made chicken wings, Suya, and rice (weird combo I know). I made about 25 chicken wings, 15 suya sticks, and a lot of rice.

Here it comes…

After everyone had eaten, there was basically nothing left over, and I guess my mom picked up on the fact, since during cleanup, she told me she felt like these kids were eating “too much” and I should stay consistent on certain food portions, and after that no more.

I don’t know about you guys, but I felt that was a terrible idea since I feel like every teenager eats like crazy.

Mind your own business!

My mom could see I was firm on my stance, but today after school (they love to eat after school) my mom didn’t let them get anything from the fridge. At least until I asked her to please open it for them.

I can see both points on how impulse control for food can be handled but I dont think its the way to go about. So I’m asking here for judgement.


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Yeah mom… you need to know your role.

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