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Her Neighbor Refused To Give Her Son A Ride To School, So She Decided Turnabout Was Fair Play

by Matthew Gilligan

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You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours…

That’s how a lot of things in life work, right?

But I guess not everyone subscribes to that belief

And this woman is feuding with her neighbor about picking up kiddos from school…and she sounds pretty annoyed.

AITA for telling my neighbor I’m not taking or picking her son up from school anymore?

“I (43F) am close friends with my neighbor (42F) and we both have kids that attend the same high school.

We don’t live far from the school, but it’s not really walking distance.

She’s been more than accommodating.

My neighbor has work early in the morning and there’s no one home when her son has to go to school so I’ve always let him ride with me and my son.

As for picking him up, my son has football practice directly after school so I don’t need to pick him up.

However, my neighbors son doesn’t have any practices so I find myself going to just pick him up often.

His dad can pick him up, but his dad also works a lot and goes on business trips almost every other week.

So again it’s mostly just me.

Earlier this week, my neighbor was off work and I asked her if she minded taking my son to school with hers since I had a work call that morning I had to take.

Here it comes…

She said no, which kind of had me taken aback since I figured she’d just do it.

I asked her why and she told me “You’re home, you can take him.”

I was honestly just speechless, and so I took my son that day and she took hers.

I called her later that day and told her I thought it was pretty rude that she wouldn’t take my son when I take hers every single day.

She told me that her son doesn’t have any other option, while mine does.

I told her she should show some appreciation for me because if it weren’t for me, her son would be walking 3 miles to and from school every day.

She still kept repeating the same thing, that I’m home so I can take my son, and I told her if that’s how she feels I’m not taking her son anymore.

She screamed at me but I just hung up.

Sorry, kid…

I stuck to my words, and yesterday I didn’t take him to school so he had to walk.

He ended up being late and my neighbor texted me an angry message about how I’m ruining her sons attendance.

My husband noticed the text and asked what it was about.

I told him what happened, and he told me that although our neighbor was being a pain in the ***, I shouldn’t just refuse to take her son because it’s not his fault and it’s too far to be walking.

Now I don’t know if I’m wrong or what to do.

I feel like it’s reasonable to not want to take him anymore since my neighbor doesn’t value what I’ve done for him, but I also see my husbands point of that it isn’t her sons fault and 3 miles is a pretty long distance to walk.


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Yeah, that’s not going to fly.

She should have been happy to do it!

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