May 31, 2024 at 6:23 pm

Her Performance Review Turned Into A New Role She Didn’t Want, So She Quit To Become Self-Employed Full Time. – ‘Quit my lazy girl job with me.’

by Ashley Ashbee

Source: TikTok/@gabrielle_judge

Sometimes meetings can be nerve wracking because you don’t necessarily know what they are for or how your work can change.

For TikToker @gabrielle_judge, what was supposed to be a performance review ended up being a move from one role to another and it wasn’t her cup of tea.

“For now this doesn’t really seem aligned (with her goals),” Gabrielle explains to the managers on the call.

Source: TikTok/@gabrielle_judge

She recorded the meeting on her phone and posted it on TikTok.

“I would love to allow someone who’s really excited about this spot to take over,” Gabrielle continued.

The managers on the call were taken aback, but appreciated that she brought it up.

Source: TikTok/@gabrielle_judge

“This is really good,” one of them replied. “Honest and open communication.”

“It’s important to us that our team members are fully engaged,” the other manager on the call says.  “And find their work fulfilling.”

Gabrielle didn’t appear nervous on the call, which she made from home in what appears to be a cozy workspace.

Source: TikTok/@gabrielle_judge

Gabrielle had a side hustle and said “I definitely want to make the jump right now,” about turning it into a full-time role.

The managers seemed curious and supportive of her decision with no hard feelings.

Watch the whole video.


Quit My Lazy Girl Job with Me! It’s been a year since I have quit my corporate career and I never posted this meeting so I thought I would now to celebrate! I just wrote a memoir on my upbringing and what created all of the anti work philosophy I have. #corporate #lazygirljob #careeradvice #quittok

♬ original sound – Anti Work Girlboss – Anti Work Girlboss

Gabrielle gave a four-week notice and made this follow up video to explain why and share how things have been since she resigned.

“It was a unique situation,” she says. The role was transitioning from customer service to customer service + sales.

Plus, her following was growing and she wanted to capitalize on that. She had over 30,000 followers on TikTok and it was continuing to grow fast.

Here’s the full follow-up clip.


Replying to @Ina 🍒 i quit my lazy girl job with a four week notice. I definitely dont recommend this but heres why i did it: I left without another job lined up. I left to run my business full time. And so i didnt have any timeline i had to leave the job by. We were also individual contributors that received quarterly bonuses off of our performance over the quarter. So it would have been difficult to calculate when i could have just stayed the extra 2 weeks #careeradvice #corporateamerica #quittok

♬ original sound – Anti Work Girlboss

Let’s check out the comments.

This one seems harsh to me. I thought they all sounded really nice and professional.
Source: TikTok/@gabrielle_judge
Haha I don’t like it either. I call it word salad.

Source: TikTok/@gabrielle_judge

No they weren’t! It shouldn’t be that surprising, though.
Source: TikTok/@gabrielle_judge
Haha, true, but at least it was cordial.

Source: TikTok/@gabrielle_judge

This one made me giggle. Accurate!
Source: TikTok/@gabrielle_judge

I somehow doubt the commenters would have handled this as smoothly as Gabrielle did.

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