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Her Sister Won’t Let Her Bring Two Of Her Kids To A Family Party, So She Booked A Vacation Instead

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

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AITA for missing my niece’s 18th birthday because my children are the only kids excluded?

“My sister doesn’t particularly like 2 of my children. They are 8 and 10, have autism, and are high energy, but they are great kids.

I don’t just say that because they are mine, they are exceptional students, excel in their musical/sport hobbies and are well liked by everyone.

Well, that’s weird…

No one else in the family has an issue with them, and we recently attended a formal sit down dinner and dance for my grandmother’s 80th birthday, with zero issues.

When they were younger I refused to set them up for failure, and avoided fancy restaurants or other places not appropriate for high energy kiddos.

So we did miss my sister’s 40th, as I had newly separated from my husband, had a newborn via Cesarean, and wasn’t sure that I could cope with the kids in that setting, but was reliant on others to drive us there so couldn’t just leave if needed (plus it was a per head buffet and would have been a waste to leave before eating).

Her sister can’t get over it…

I believe she is still salty about that, 6 years later.

There will be other children at this party, around 20 of them ranging from 11 down to newborn. My nieces invited me, and then my sister changed dates, so it’s no longer on my kid-free weekend.

She then contacted me saying ‘you will have to get a babysitter for those 2’. My other children are invited (19/13/6yo).

They are renting a hall, cooking a BBQ dinner and having a local band play, so it’s very family friendly.

We’re outta here!

I’ve booked a holiday overseas instead for myself and the kids and we will be there instead.

I’ll send the girls some cash as presents, and they are both moving to the city where I now live for university next year so I’ll help them move and fill their pantries as a housewarming gift, which I did for my oldest child as well.

Now my sister is complaining that I’m going on holiday rather than the party.

So AITA for not taking some of my children to the party and getting a babysitter for two of them?”

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You’ve gotta prioritize your kids first.

Good for you, mama!

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