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Her Son And Daughter-In-Law Are Eating Her Out Of House And Home, But When She Puts In Boundaries For Food They Say It’s Not Fair

by Trisha Leigh

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With the economy these days, more and more families are living together in multigenerational homes.

Most of us don’t mind helping out family in need, but that can change when they take advantage of our kindness.

The following story involves a mom that is trying her best, and that’s apparently not enough.

Let’s take a look.

AITA for telling everyone in the home that I will plate food from now on and clear labeling for leftovers

I have three people in the home right now.

My daughter that is going to college and my son and his wife that are staying to save money.

The issue is with my son and his wife. They eat so much, and frankly it is a concerning amount.

The latter two are eating all of the food without any regard for the others in the house.

What I usually do before they moved in was make a meal, everyone eats and then pack up leftovers in the fridge.

The food is gone by the time I even try to get seconds.

Sometimes I make food and my daughter ain’t home and it’s all gone. I make big meals that can easily feed 4-6 people with leftovers sometimes.

For example, I made a pound of spaghetti with meat sauce.

I didn’t even get any, I didn’t grab any and was going to eat after I finished some chores.

My daughter wasn’t home and those two ate a whole pound of spaghetti.

I had a two layer cake, almost all was there and went to work. The cake was almost gone when I got home.

That was less than 8 hours.

She doesn’t want to charge them, but doesn’t think it’s fair she and her daughter sometimes get no food at all.

My daughter is very frustrated since there is never any cooked food in the home. I have made double batches and that gives leftovers but they don’t last.

The next day the leftovers are gone. It is hurting my wallet and I am over it.

I don’t want to charge for groceries since that won’t solve the issue with leftovers. Or if they eat everything before anyone has the chance to eat

So, she sat them down and said she would be plating everyone’s food and labeling leftovers to make sure everyone got their fair share.

So I sat everyone down and told them I will be plating everyone’s food.

That leftovers will be split evenly and labeled clearly.

If anyone is still hungry then they can buy more food to eat.

Her son and DIL are upset, but she and her daughter relieved.

I implemented it today,my daughter and I loved it since we could at and have leftovers.

They hated it and are still hungry, this started an argument and they think I am a huge jerk.

Did she do anything wrong? Let’s hear from Reddit!

The top comment says her son and DIL are the ones being inconsiderate.

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This person agrees they are being selfish.

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I mean, they don’t have to stay right?

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It’s wild these two are grown adults.

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This person says they should be paying their own way to begin with.

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This sounds like the two overeaters might have a problem.

Things are definitely out of hand!

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