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Her Son Has Been Relying On Her To Pay For Everything For Him And His Girlfriend, But She Decided It’s Time He Paid His Own Way

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

I can tell you right now that if I tried to pull what this kid is doing when I was in high school, my parents would have laughed in my face and told me to get lost.

But times have changed, friends!

And this mom asked the fine folks on Reddit if she’s wrong for what she said to her son about his relationship.

Let’s see what’s going on here…

AITA for telling my son he needs to get a job if he wants to date his girlfriend?

“My (43 F) son is sixteen.

He loves sports and does a different sport each season. Cross country during fall, wrestling during winter, track and field during spring, and he also does wrestling camp during the summer.

He doesn’t have a job, and I have never pressured him to. He doesn’t have an allowance, but I buy him what he wants within reason. If he wants new clothes or shoes, I buy them. If he wants to go eat a nice meal at a restaurant, I’ll take him.

Sounds like a good deal…

If there’s a new movie coming out he wants to go to, I’ll take him to it. He recently started dating a girl from his track and field team. I’ve met her recently, and she seems like a nice girl. I paid for the first couple of dates, but as the relationship has started to get more serious, they’ve gone on more dates and to more expensive places.

For example, their first date was literally at Starbucks, so I just gave him some money for coffee and a snack. But now he started taking her out to the movies and more expensive restaurants.

She gave him an ultimatum.

He also started buying her gifts like chocolates. I’ve sat my son down and told him that he’ll need to get a job so he can pay for his dates if he wants to continue dating his girlfriend and taking her on dates.

He really doesn’t want to, as he loves sports and going to a job after school means he wouldn’t be able to attend his practices and tournaments. I’ve tried to negotiate by saying he could get a job on the weekends, but then he said he wouldn’t have any time to study or do homework.

I’ve explained to my son that part of growing up is choosing what’s important to you. Does he want to continue doing sports, or dating his girlfriend? I did sports my first year of high school and loved it too.

But due to my family’s financial situation, I had to start working when I was only 15 years old and never did sports again. He’s pretty mad and been sulking a lot recently.

She’s torn about this…

I’ve talked with some friends and family members about my decisions to make my son get a job if he wants to continue dating, and while some agree, some think I should just pay for my son’s dates since I’m risking him resenting me for either making him break up with his girlfriend or making him quit sports.


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Time to get with the real world, kid!

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