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Her Son Won Two Prizes In A Raffle, But His Mom Didn’t Give In To Pressure To Give Away The Second Prize

by Ashley Ashbee

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If you’re a kid and luck is on your side, does that mean you owe the other kids something? That’s the big question in this post.

Read it and see if you agree with this family for not making their kid give up another toy he won, which another kid wanted.

AITA for not making my son give away his second prize?

I have 2 sons: Robbie (16) and Cameron (8). Robbie had an awards banquet for his team, the entire family went.

Every year, so I bought my sons a roll of tickets each.

Cameron had 2 things he really wanted: a LEGO kit and a remote control car. He put basically all his tickets in for those.

Put kids and contests together and you’re bound to get some tears and tantrums.

There was another boy there, probably a little younger than Cameron, who was running around and saying the the was going to win the remote control car. Everyone would just smile and say “we’ll see!”

Cameron won the LEGO kit. A few draws later and he also wins the remote control car.

When the other little boy’s parents explained to their son he didn’t win, he broke down in a huge tantrum. His dad had to carry him out because he was causing a bit of a disturbance.

But not all of the drama comes from the kids.

A family told Cameron he should give the car to the little boy. Cameron said no. They looked at me for backup and I said it’s his choice. I changed the subject.

He came by our table a couple of times and stared at the car, which I felt was fine.

My friend said a few others felt Cameron should’ve given the little boy the car as he already won something. I said this is just how raffles work and it’s a good lesson for kids.

There are times my sons haven’t won things from raffles or similar events. They learned young it’s all up to luck.

My husband wonders if we should’ve just encouraged Cameron to give it away. AITA for saying no?

Here’s what people had to say.

In my experience that kind of parent blames others for everything. No accountability.

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Exactly. I have a dog and it’s the same principle. I wouldn’t be able to eat anything in peace.

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Good for her. Builds character!

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I agree with this policy. That family should recommend it.

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Exactly. So self absorbed.

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I’m glad I can buy things I want now.

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