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He Pestered His Girlfriend To Watch His Favorite Movies, But She Got Bored, Drank A Lot of Wine And Scrolled Through Her Phone The Whole Time

by Matthew Gilligan

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A quick story before we jump into this tale from Reddit’s “Am I the *******?” page…

In no way, shape, or form do I enjoy fantasy movies, so when a friend kept pushing me to watch all the Lord of the Rings movies, all I could do was smile and assure him that I would.

Then I never even watched one second of them because I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle it. Sorry, dude!

And it kind of sounds like this guy’s girlfriend feels the same way I do! So, was this guy acting like a jerk to her?

Get started now and see what you think.

AITA for asking my girlfriend to watch my favorite movies with me?

“Last weekend was my (M28) birthday.

My girlfriend (F25) had asked what I wanted to do and I said I wanted to watch my favorite movie trilogy, Lord of the Rings.

I don’t think my girlfriend was thrilled but she didn’t say anything and agreed.

She has seen them before and I don’t think she really likes them very much but she knows I love them so she doesn’t really say anything besides they aren’t really her thing.

It was his birthday, after all…

But I really wanted to make a day of watching them and I went over to her house because she has a really big comfortable couch.

About ten minutes into the first movie and I look over and she is browsing on her phone.

I was a little miffed but didn’t say anything.

I don’t think she was into it…

She basically scrolled through her phone the entire movie.

When we started the second movie, she opened a bottle of wine and proceeded to drink the whole thing, while still sitting on her phone.

I was pretty irritated at this point because she wasn’t even paying attention at all.

He was OVER IT.

The third movie started and by then she had opened another bottle of wine and was asleep within the first twenty minutes.

I was really mad at that point and just left and went home.

A few hours later I got a text asking where I went.

I told her I was mad that she couldn’t pay attention to my favorite movies on my birthday.

She told me I was an ******* and to grow up. I’ve texted her a couple times but she hasn’t responded.


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I wouldn’t want to sit through all that, either…

Good grief!

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